Monday 16 August 2010

Where is that enthusiasm for life?

I'm feeling a bit, well, sigh. Sigh.

The kids are great, not sleeping, but great none the less. The days are busy and full, we always find things to do. They say great things and I really am enjoying the time I'm spending with them each day. I know it's not going to be forever, so I'm soaking it up. As I type this I'm sitting in the sun in my backyard as the girls push their strollers round and round playing some game of their making.

It's great that they play together and can entertain themselves.

Since the job has fallen through (due to lack of childcare) I've been feeling a bit lost. I need something to focus some energy on. Have more to talk about than Disney Princesses, ballet and what your kneecaps are for (all topics on high rotation in our house).

I need a hobby or an interest or something. I just can't remember what I'm interested in any more, as sad as that sounds. I need something to get excited over again.

Hmmmm where I have put my enthusiasm? Perhaps it's under the lounge with all the rest of my junk.

Help me out here... what inspires you? What gets you excited? How do you keep your mind from seizing up?


  1. Oh Corinne, I had the same feeling just last week. I'm also feeling a little flat today and would like to blame the wind - for which I'm also blaming for my lack of motivation {perhaps I can also blame it for the state of my house?}. Having a job then not having it, all for reasons beyond your control must be incredibly difficult. You're too talented and fabulous not to live a wonderful life - you just need something to light that spark. Go with the singing lovely and follow your dreams wherever they need to take you. xx

  2. I so know this feeling, Corinne. Languishing. I remember it well from when I was home full time with my kids. I never got my groove back until I started back at work. I'm just that kinda gal, I guess. The thing that worked a little bit for me was a project... I started an art class and every Thursday night was just for me. I really enjoyed it and the kids and I would do art together outside.

    Not sure what your 'project' could be, but I hope you find it soon.

  3. I totally understand the boredom that comes with having kids. The TV shows, playing with cars, and meandering around the neighborhood to find sticks and rocks all just get to be a little much sometimes. Getting back into writing (and starting my blog) was what helped kick my butt into feeling better.

  4. music is so important for a jumpstart, as well as reading inspirational stories, in blogs or books.

  5. I agree Corinne, some days are harder than others. And you think, should I be doing more with my life?

    I'm the same at the moment too. But we are going to be renovating a house soon which will take up alot of my time... I hope!!

    Spring is almost here which brings a fresh start and new feelings. Well, it does for me :)

    Cooking, photography, flower arranging, art, sewing, sports, these are all great things to keep yourself occupied. Perhaps you could sign up to a class so that you are committed to going? I know that's what I need to do. I'd love to get back into sport like hockey or netball. Time will tell.



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