Wednesday 4 August 2010

Holiday tonic

We are home again after an absolutely lovely four days. Four days away together. Four days without the usual distractions of home and life, just to spend with each other. Just enough time for family in jokes to form. Just enough time to feel like you've had a real break. It was a tonic.

I feel so good today, the combination of time away from the hustle and bustle, time spent together as a family, lots of laughter, gorgeous countryside and devonshire tea have worked their magic.

I must admit I didn't have huge hopes for a weekend away. Life has been so chaotic that I hadn't thought too much about and didn't plan too much. I think that worked well as it was relaxing just to go with the flow. It made me realise how much you can get caught up with all the mundane things of life such as keeping up with the washing, the garden, the cleaning instead of focusing on being a family.

It was also magical to find a little spot in the world that felt like heaven. Skip and I travelled around Australia in search of the 'perfect' spot, I think we've finally found it. A spot that's beauty inspires me, that has a mix of rural and coast, good food, somewhere that feels special.

Any way, dreams have been sparked and today the world feels a little brighter. A little break away that was the perfect tonic.


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