Monday 16 August 2010

Point & shoot: Friday friends

Happy Monday to all! Well, the weekend was a resounding success. The beef bourguignon was delicious and not only served as dinner, but lunch on Saturday and then turned into a pithivier (fancy round pie) served with carmalised onions and mash potato on Sunday. It was really nice to have people over and entertain, we used to do it a lot but haven't in ages. The above pic was us mucking around with the photo booth on my 'puter after dinner. As you can see, we're crazy young things, living life on the edge (not).

Our tea party on Saturday was lots of fun too. The cupcakes went down a treat and it was lovely to catch up with family we hadn't seen in ages. The girls got in performance mode and kept us entertained all afternoon.

Sunday I was feeling a bit grumpy, but we went on a long walk before that freak storm hit, which helped matters. Then a birthday picnic with old friends in the park. All-in-all, a pretty fine weekend! How about you?


  1. Sounds perfect. Isn't beef bourg the most fabulous dish ever! I also love having enough leftovers for a pie. Last night we had a butterflied leg of saltbush lamb with braised french lentils - enough of both to make into a pie with some caramelised onions.

    My weekend was beyond fabulous. I've realised that it's possible to catch up with people after 20 years and find that they've retained so many of their good qualities and developed so many more that they enrich your life merely by entering it briefly. Bliss.

  2. Your weekend sounds lovely.

    Mine was busy as usual.

    I want a weekend where I don't move out of bed, and snuggle with the doona...


  3. Ohhh yum your food sounds lovely :-) We played along point and shoot :-)

  4. We got some fun in before that storm hit last weekend too. This weekend is looking nice and sunny. x


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