Wednesday 11 August 2010

Footsteps in the dark

I am oh so tired today. It would seem our house is being inhabited by cheeky little pixies who wander up and down the hallways all night long.

Just as you're deep in a blissful slumber, stubby little fingers poke your face. A pair of little arms and a pair of legs climb in next to you and before long snoring drifts up to your ears. I get up and take them back down the hallway and plonk them in their pixie-sized bed.

Not long after more footsteps are heard and slightly less stubby fingers poke you. The snoring begins and I carry the lankier pixie back to bed.

This continues and repeats all night long. Usually until 5am when the pixies (and I) have decided this musical bed game is losing its appeal and start the day.

Many would ask, why not let sleeping pixies lie. Well, I would if there was enough room in the bed for  two pixies, a snoring Skip and me. But there is definitely not and I usually pull the short straw, contorted into some strange position with sleep far from possible. Then the pixies kick each other and fight in their sleep (yes, this is possible).

I really thought these nocturnal games would be well and truly over by now. It seems the pixies know no bounds to the tricks they can pull after dark.


  1. Franz has been in Florida for the past week and we started with Noodle in the bed, then me on the couch and finally settled with Noodle on the tufted ottoman at the foot of our bed (same width as the bed).
    Franz arrived home tonight and hallelujah! I'm sending the Noodle back upstairs!
    I feel your pain!

  2. Oh I know! When I hear the boys door open at (insert stupid hour here), the house rings out those words - GET BACK TO BED


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