Monday 9 August 2010

Point & shoot: First hair cut

10am, Sunday, August 8, 2010.

My eldest had her very first proper hair cut on Sunday. She's almost 4. I know, I know. Both she and I loved her long wavy locks, those baby curls still at the ends. It was definitely time though. I felt a little sad as I saw those blonde waves hit the hairdresser's floor, but when I saw the grown up girl who walked out the door I started to wonder why I'd waited so long. She adores her new look and is showing it off to anyone and everyone.

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  1. Oooh! I can't wait to convince Daisy to get her cut. DESPERATE for it! One day....she just thinks she needs to look like Aurora! Well done :)

  2. Oh Corinne!
    What a momentus occasion regardless of age.
    To see our babies grow up...such pride mixed with such sadness!


  3. Beth - It took a fair amount of convincing and when she was in the chair she looked like she was in shock! After she walked out though she was fine and is loving all the attention and comments she's getting. It was only a trim and fringe cut in, so she still has long hair which was the most important thing for her.

    Eleanor - Oh so true!!

  4. Awww cute!!
    My daughter is 2.5 yrs and her hair is getting very long! She's yet to have her first haircut...I just lover her wavy locks so much :) I will toughen up & get it done soon though ;o)
    What a cutie you have there !!!

  5. my twins are 28 months and have old had a couple of small snips at their fringes before i decided it would be easier to grow them out... looks like she did very well... another milestone xx

  6. Ahhh the 1st haircut.

    Abi has had a few, even though she has almost no hair! We like it in the little bowl shape with a short fringe.

    And I agree, it ALWAYS looks better when we walk out. More grown up.

    Did you keep the hair? Hehe


  7. aww, how adorable. I remember when my 4 year old daughters had her first hair cut. I felt the same way as you described!

  8. Wow, gorgeous photo, really captures that moment! You did well to wait until she was four.....!

  9. So sweet. I kept a lock of hair from both kid's first haircuts.

  10. Oh bless. On the weekend I found the envelope with my daughter's locks from her first haircut. Such a milestone!

  11. Special moments. She looks like she was being very brave. As a hairdresser I did MANY 1st time haircuts and I always felt so torn for the mother and child. But it was always so nice to be part of a special moment xox

  12. Aww, first haircut! What a precious moment to capture. My eldest probably wont have her first haircut until she's ten the way she's going (ie no hair, lol)

  13. That is so special and sweet. I can't wait to do the very same thing. x


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