Wednesday 25 August 2010

Sticky moments

On the weekend, we took a little adventure out to the western suburbs of Sydney. Now, this wasn't an aimless adventure. No, we had a sticky situation that we desperately wanted to get involved in.

We'd had a taste of it before, but we needed to go and experience it for ourselves. Just what am I talking about, exactly? Abla's Pastry at Granville.

Abla's is the home to trays and trays of filo nutty treats, syrupy stickiness that have your lips smacking. I love Lebanese sweets, but these gems are on another level. On Saturday night, these crispy yet syrupy morsels proved the best way to swallow the election results. Packed with pistachios and cashews they were the only thing nuttier than the ballot count.

Lil-lil thought they were the best and her bottom lip dropped the following morning when she saw the dish was almost empty. The best thing about Abla's? You buy by the kilo!

Is there anything so good, so delicious that you travel miles for?


  1. My bottom lip's dropping at the thought of never having tried such amazing morsels...

  2. Having been one of the lucky recipients who shared far too many with you on Sat night - I completely agree! I now have another craving for one (or ten). xx

  3. Well... they do look delicious...

  4. Go you good Arabs! we used to live for those sweets as kids so I have fond memories of travelling across town for my Lebanese treats! Im sure lil and goosey will have memeory too...xx

  5. If there's one thing I miss about moving to the country it's all those exotic treats on my doorstep. We still have them - but we travel a whole lot further for them now.


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