Monday 23 August 2010

Racing retro

This morning my house is filthy, the kids are snotty and I'm tired and cranky. So, I'm going to pretend that they only thing I have to focus on this week is my frock for the races on Saturday, in the hope that the other mundane problems will vanish!

As I've mentioned before, Skip and I go to the races often. A lot of Saturdays throughout the year at least one of us can be found trackside. This Saturday is the Golden Rose Day, the biggest day of the Spring Carnival at Rosehill. I'm hoping it will be a warm sunny day, perfect to relax, have a glass of champagne, catch up with friends and watch all the action – hopefully win a few pennies as well.

My wardrobe is quite sad, the only things in it are park wear and race wear, with not much in between. Seeing as the races are the only time I really get away from taking the kids to the park, I guess it's OK. Despite having a fair few race frocks in the cupboard, it might be nice to buy just one more...

As I've been watching a lot of Mad Men recently, I think a heavily-tailored retro look will be the way to go this Saturday with gloves and hat to match. Elise Silk in Leichhardt is my favourite race wear designer, who I'm sure will have just the thing.

Here are a couple of Betty Draper looks that I'd like to try out this Saturday (though in reality, a frock from the cupboard will be making another appearance).


  1. I love, love, LOVE that feminine housewife look! Absolutely gorgeous :)

  2. Gloves, a full skirt and a little handbag.
    It all looks too sweet.
    I can't wait to hear what the final choice will be.
    x Felicity

  3. YOU would look fabulous dressed in one of these numbers!!!

  4. They just don't make frocks like they used to do they? Hope you find something...nice to have something to look forward to at the end of all this isn't it?

  5. Have you gone to Sandie Bizy's Hats on Parramatta Road? She has such gorgeous dresses she finds overseas. A bit spendy but beautiful. Love Elise Silk as well!

    Personally I'm trying to go for a Joan look, but I usually end up in Peggy territory.

  6. I normally don't like florals much but I love that red dress. I wouldn't mind the body either!

  7. Thanks all.

    Sarah - I haven't been to that place for a while, must go and check it out again. Ha! I sure don't look like Betty either!

  8. Oh yes I love that look too Rin and I'm loving Mad Men, I actually look forward to Shelt saying he will be out for the evening so I can hit the couch.
    I'm feeling like this today too and have zero energy to get up and clean the house up - it is raining and all I would like to do is spend the day watching movies - ahh, I can dream. xx

  9. I love those dresses. It's a challenge to find an event to wear a beautiful dress to these days and I can see why the races are perfect. An opportunity to dress up with a hat and gloves and feel like a lady for a day. Enjoy and look forward to seeing your final choice.

  10. I like the top one. The most understated. I think it is hard to pull of florals well.

  11. They are all gorgeous!

    When the kids are snotty and the house is filthy it does us well to slip away into LaLa Land and try to forget about it all!!!


  12. They are all devine. I love that era of fashion in the current season of Mad Men.

    I've been the races ONCE in my life and it was interesting. I love seeing footage of the aftermath of Melbourne Cup every year. Random single high heels all over the place, and people asleep on trains etc.

    Have fun! xx


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