Monday 29 August 2011

Good weekend, good week start

Skip finally arrived home on Friday night and we were all happy and relieved to have him back, especially after the week that was. 

Saturday, Skip and the girls made sausage rolls for our newest favourite family outing – Saturday arvo at the footy. The girls took great delight squishing and squashing all the ingredients together and I must say Skip makes a damn fine snag roll. 

We met some friends and my brother and nephews at the oval and settled in for a fun arvo. It didn't disappoint. As my brother said it's the perfect mixture of good enough quality footy with a fun, relaxed atmosphere and a bit a retro cool. 

Goosey has a complete obsession with money. She always has a pile of coins wherever she goes.

My nephew gives the penny farthing man a high five. He rides around the field with kids chasing
him every time the Jets score a try.
A BBQ and a Wallabies win rounded out Saturday night.

Sunday, these bad boys arrived back at house:

All of our crap that we put in storage when we attempted to sell our house. I must admit I never expected to see them back in this house again. It looks like we'll be here for the moment, maybe permanently. I never say definitely cause who knows what the future holds. But at the moment we're happy and settled with this.

We've always loved our street, we've got good neighbours, a massive park across the road where the kids play with their mates (and we don't have to maintain the garden), a cul-de-sac where the kids are pretty safe, good friends who live close by, a real sense of community. The kids also have a fantastic preschool and an excellent public school in walking distance. All these are starting to say to us, perhaps these outweigh having a bigger block of land to live on. This weekend showed how much we do love living where we live. Who knows what the future holds though. We could change our mind again tomorrow. I reserve that right!

Sunday arvo we went to the park and took a long walk. We played, scootered and stopped for ice cream in the late afternoon sun, which is lasting just the bit longer as winter slowly slips away.

Last night, I struggled to sleep. I slept about fitfully and dreamt about razor blades (thanks, Underbelly). I got up early, while the kids still slept (a miracle). I showered, got organised and despite being tired, feel really ready to tackle the week. I think it's going to be a good one! Here's hoping.


  1. It is a gorgeous day, isn't it! I hope your week gets off to a cracking start, even though it doesn't happen often, I love waking up before the girls and sneaking into the kitchen for a quiet cup of tea and some satisfying list writing!

  2. Excellent.
    I hope you have a fantastic week.
    Sometimes, we've just got to love where we are and what we've got - don't we?
    (Until we don't anymore - women's perogative. Especially pregnant women!!)

  3. What a fabulous, feel good post Corinne, loved it!
    Pictures are great, the guy on the bike looks like a hoot. I love a good local footy match, it IS so retro and takes me right back to the 80's, watching my brother's play at Macquarie Uni/Sydney Uni etc... good good times. It's nice you guys can keep going to such games.
    Good on you for being at peace with your decision to stay put. You know sometimes things just work out for the best, however they turn out. It sounds like you've got great things around you and I can relate so much to this, as we have definitely sacrificed a large block and house, for choosing to live where we do, but it's a totally awesome area, which we love.
    You poor thing having the broken, fitful sleep. Oh and bloody Underbelly... so enthralling, yet so freaky. I'm surprised I didn't have nightmares myself! Cheers to a great week ahead my dear xo

  4. Sounds like you havent sold for a reason - you sound like you have a lovely slice of serenity! And I totally understand the coin obsession - my son has it too!


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