Wednesday 24 August 2011

From holiday to hospital

Well it's been an interesting couple of days! From waking up in a hotel room on Monday morning to waking up in a hospital room this morning.

After a weekend of bliss, I was physically feeling rather average. Probably evident with my boot/crying incident at the airport. I was feeling so swollen, I was like Violet Beauregard in Willy Wonka, just not blue. And there were no Oompa Loompas to take me off to the squeezer.

I rang the hospital and went to get checked out. Before I knew it I was being transferred upstairs to be monitored by a kindly Shirley Valentine-type lady who lectured me about not coming in sooner. I wasn't too concerned as I'd been through the same thing with Lil-lil. At worst a couple of pills and I'd be on my way.

After tests, tests and more tests, my quiet room was suddenly invaded by two doctors, prodding poking, taking blood and inserting canulas. I was being admitted to the ward, administered drugs immediately and there was talk of steroids if I needed to deliver the baby this week. It was now that I started to get concerned.

"I thought I might just take some tablets and go home the next day?" I said to one of the docs. "With your blood pressure you'll be here days at least, and at worst you'll be delivering this baby," the serious doctor told me. Now I was really concerned.

Within the hour my blood pressure started to come down. All the panic began to subside. The doctors went off to other emergencies.

I'm still in a hospital bed, but with any luck I'll be home today, as everything is looking ok.

My hopes for a good night sleep were dashed by a cranky nurse who came in every few hours to take my blood pressure and feed me drugs. I think I prefer a sweet little person waking me up!

The worst thing about hospital? Having this canula in the underside of my arm, as they couldn't get it in anywhere else they normally would,

The best bit? Being brought tea and biscuits, even if the tea is aneamic and in a styrofoam cup.

I have to say, especially after my rant about the medical system last week, my experience has been great. The doctors and nurses have looked after me and listened to me and explained everything to me. My room is private and enormous. Can't ask for better care.

Now to get out of here!


  1. My god!

    I was panicking for you when they were talking delivery!

    I'm so glad things seem to be on the improve :)

    Feet up! Peeled grapes, fanning of the face and all :) xx

  2. Glad to hear things are improving, hope you get to go home soon!

  3. Miss Corrine


    (sorry but that tea looks awful :( but better than nothing I suppose)

    gosh you worry me - I'll have to fly down and look after you



  4. Argh! Rest up Mummy so you can go home.


  5. Mate, I hope you rest those cute lil sausage toes right up.


    PS That tea was good because it was made for you and you were able to drink it uninterrupted. Us mums know these things xoo

  6. Yikes! I'm glad things are getting better. Hopefully baby doesn't need to come early and they just caught you on a stressful day.

  7. Woah.... scary! So glad you and bubs are ok and your blood pressure is stable, take care of yourself!

  8. Oh Corinne, poor you! I know how scary the high blood pressure thing can be so just take good care, enjoy the (relative) peace and lukewarm cups of tea x

  9. Oh you poor thing!! Hope you're feeling much better now and that the BP has come down down down. Good excuse to keep the feet up from now on eh? xxx

  10. Oh Corinne! You poor poor love. This is terrible. What a nasty scare. I do hope you're back at home now and taking good care of yourself. It's amazing just how much we can tolerate when we're pregnant. Sure you feel a bit off, but it's frightening to think just how serious some conditions can be. You're one tough cookie lady :o) xo


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