Monday 15 August 2011

Weekend highlights

Another weekend down. There's fewer and fewer off them before B-Day. Before carefree weekends become a little more complicated, for a while at least. This weekend was a pretty good one, except for the fact I developed a fairly impressive set of cankles. Where does the leg end and where does the foot begin? It's anyone's guess. Ahhh pregnancy you just keep on giving!

Here are the weekend highlights:

* Seeing the Newtown Jets play. Always a  fun afternoon/evening. Like stepping back to 1982. I was a little torn as the Jets were playing 'my' team Manly. Luckily Manly won, I would've felt like a bit of a traitor if I'd had to cheer on too many Jet tries, even though they do have a big place in my heart. I'll be back to cheering on the Jets again when we head back to Henson Park in a couple of weeks though.

* Doing some Sunday shopping and buying some delicious tea for the pot. We spent a great deal of time in T2 sniffing and sipping to find the perfect Sunday afternoon blend.

* Visitors. Our Sunday afternoon became filled with pop-in visitors which was lovely. Thankfully we'd made a batch of cupcakes to fill their bellies and had some delish tea on hand too.

I've got an exciting weekend coming up. I'll just have to get through the rest of the week. To help ease the way, I've got a gorgeous giveaway tomorrow.

What did you get up to? Happy Monday.


  1. Happy Monday!

    You've just reminded me that I used to get the most horrific elephant cankles when I was pregnant last time. That's definitely what I'm hoping to avoid this time around.

    Does anyone know a way to avoid getting them?

  2. Ohh the cankles

    Mine came after the birth and I had never seen anything like it before in my life!
    They say the fluid drains down...

    you take care and I'm in T2 envy :)



  3. Sounds like a weekend filled with good times Corinne, lovely! Yeah the bloody cankles hey. They suck! I get them around week 30 in my pregnancies. It's the looks of shock and disbelief on people's faces that really hurt. I remember people at my work were horrified when I was pregnant with my first bub. I'm careful NEVER to react the same way when I see pregnant ladies with cankles. They'll come back down to size before you know it :o) xo

  4. Ah a fellow footy loving female - love it! The Jets still hold a special place in my heart as well


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