Friday 12 August 2011


This Friday I'm wishing that:

* Goosey has a fantastic day at preschool, but will still be excited to see me when I pick her up;
* everyone in my household gets good solid, restful, peaceful sleep tonight (it's been severely lacking and all my fault);
* the weekend is full of fun, laughter and relaxation;
* the biscuits (cookies for my American friends) I've been eating all this week are kilojoule-free;
* this lurgy I've been suffering disappears;
* everyone has a delightful weekend.

See you next week. I've got a cute giveaway lined-up, so stayed tuned.


  1. I hear you on the biscuits! Somehow, though, with 500g butter in the recipe, I don't think the ones I've been eating are (calorie free).

  2. you have a great and healthy weekend too

    biscuits - schmiscuits! Of course all low calorie



  3. How can the sleep thing be all your fault? I'm intrigued! I WISH my sleep problems were all my fault because then I might have a hope of making a change and actually getting some!!

    Enjoy those biscuits. Some things are worth chubbing up for. x

  4. Very nice wishes for a lovely weekend!

    LouLou showed me the way to your blog!


  5. Some lovely things to wish for Corinne. I have no doubt Goosey will be keen as mustard to see you and I hope she had a lovely day too :o) Enjoy your weekend and I'll cross my fingers for some solid sleep for all of you xo

  6. Can't wait to hear how Goosey gets on! Hope you are having a rest while she is there!
    I am also intrigued about the sleep thing....explain please!!

  7. Your wishes are granted, m'dear.
    I wish.
    My wand is broken or lost or imaginary.
    Have a lovely weekend.
    also can't wait to hear about Goosey's big day.

  8. Lack of sleep = insanely loud pregnancy-induced snoring that wakes everyone else up.

  9. hello and visiting via hereiamloulou. have a lovely weekend!

  10. :) I now have a cold that is doing that. I prefer to call it getting my own back on them :) x


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