Thursday 11 August 2011

Teacher's pet

Tomorrow my baby is starting preschool. Six months earlier than planned. About a year earlier than Lil-lil. The thought hadn't entered my head, but mums at preschool asked if she was starting. Then Skip suggested it. When I took a good look at her, I knew it was time.

She's just so ready. So eager. So independent. She wants to stay every time we drop Lil-lil off. She wants mates. She wants to learn. She wants to be like her big sister.

Goose does a dance class in the scout hall behind our house. It was something to give her a bit of fun and activity while Lil's at preschool. She's so confident and ready to learn she follows every instruction to the letter. While the other kids are hiding in their mothers' skirts, Goose is front and centre ready to get on with it. The teacher put her up to the 4 year old class, I was worried she might be too little, just turned 3, but she's not bothered. Still front and centre. Right next to the teacher. Ready to jump in and take over teaching the class if the teacher moves away for a second.

Walking out that preschool door will be hard tomorrow. I know she's ready to go. I don't know if I'm ready to let her.


  1. Oh Corinne, she will love it - and you will love it for her {once you dry your happy tears a little}. Thinking of you xx

  2. Awww. Bless her!!
    Good luck tomorrow.
    Goose's delighted chatter when you pick her up will let you know it was time.

  3. It will be hard for 2 minutes until you realise YOU HAVE NO KIDS FOR A FEW HOURS!

    I know Harper will be the same - as soon as she turns three in just over a year she will be starting too. She's going to LOVE it. Promise x

  4. Hello Corinne

    when is a mother ever ready to let go of their children?


    (passing you the kleenex)

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  6. Hooray for Goosey!
    And hooray for you with some new found peace and quiet!

  7. What a big milestone! Be brave!

  8. Hi Corinne - funny to bump into you in the virtual world - don't think that's happened to me before!
    Hope she enjoys every minute of it, sounds like she will x

  9. I'm with Beth, you will be sad until you realise "Hey, I can have a latte and read a magazine in peace!" HUZZAH! x

  10. Going by your description of her confidence, eagerness to learn and desire for little buddies I am sure she will be fine! I agree with BabyMac that you might be lost for a little bit without her there but ENJOY the time on your own before your new bubba arrives.

    My youngest did her first half day of daycare today. I was beside myself worried about her but she did not shed a tear & by all accounts had an absolute ball!

  11. Oh this is just so exciting Corinne! How fabulous that Goosey exudes confidence like that, I love children who get out there and enjoy themselves to the max. My eldest is so sensitive and soft, but I have a feeling the baby is going to be a showman. I think she will love it and it's such a good thing for you with new bubs coming and all. Perfect timing one might say! :o) xo

  12. These milestones can bring such emotions especially for the moms.

    You will be teary and like the previous reader it will subside when you realize of the free time that you have to do things.

    Good luck!


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