Saturday 6 August 2011

Onwards and upwards

It's been one of those weeks. Sick husband. Broken fridge. Airline who's supposed to pay us money ignoring me. Frustrating phone calls. Hours on hold to people. Real estate agents turning up on the doorstep unannounced at dinner time. My hands and feet swelling up to look like a cartoon character. Each day has brought something new. We rounded out the week by spending Friday night at the medical centre with an unhappy young lass who looked a sight with conjunctivitis and an ear infection. She then woke every hour or so through the night.

This morning will be spent cleaning for one person to look at the house who 'might' be interested. Again. I've been doing this for four months now. Being constantly asked by people: "What are you going to do?" As much as I've tried not to be, I've been in the worst mood. Fed up. Over it.

As much as I've tried not to stress about it, this week I've kept thinking we should have sold our house and be settled somewhere new. Moving forward. How trying to sell and move either about to drop or with a newborn is going to be a nightmare. Wishing I knew where Lil-Lil was going to school so we could start to get her ready. Seeing all the other kids in the neighbourhood get their uniforms and go to orientation days, makes me feel sad Lil-lil's not doing the same.

I know it will work out, some how, some way. I know it's not the end of the world if we stay here. We like it here a lot after all. I know that people cram into spaces smaller than ours. I know that people have to change schools. I know that being pregnant and tired and full of hormones makes it feel worse than it is. Realistically I know that most of this is in my head. I just wanted to get it sorted.

So it's time to suck it up and move past this funk I've been feeling the past week or two. Cause I've done all I can. I can't change the rest.

The next few weeks WILL be better. I WILL be happier. I WILL NOT be in a bad mood.

Onwards and upwards.


  1. Yey Corrine

    that's the spirit

    it will all pass and these times will seem so small when you review and look back on the times of our life later on

    happy weekend and get some sunshine


  2. Oh Corinne, it has been one of those weeks!!

    Nothing worse than sick kids, especially when you pregnant and hormonal too.

    You never know what is around the corner, I hope the perfect buyer is out there and makes an offer soon.

    We were doing renos on the house when I was pregnant and I thought, for sure!, we will be moved in before the baby comes... But we weren't... And he was 7 weeks old when we finally moved into our new house. It sucked, royally, but we managed. And so will you.

    Hang in there, you are doing a super amazing job. Those preggo hormones make it all that much harder.


  3. Oh, Corinne. I totally *get* this post. Read my posts about leaving Sydney to return to Hobart with 3 children under 3.5 (including a 6 week old) and my recent ones about trying to sell our Sydney apartment, buy a Hobart house and extricate ourselves from our lease, all at once, to make you feel better! You will get through this, my friend. J x

  4. Yep.
    Tomorrow's a new day - and who knows what delights it could bring.
    Wishing you a lovely weekend.
    Find time to do something that definitely makes you smile.

  5. selling a house is tough at the best of times! i remember how painful it was with 2 toddlers running around creating chaos...people coming and going, never happy, never as in love with the house as we genuinely were... makes you want to scream! good luck with it all! soon you'll be smiling :)

  6. yep I hear ya!
    I got so fed up with my funk that I went and had a chakra rebalancing yesterday.
    My first time and something was calling me to do it. I felt fantastic after it. the best I had felt in months. I felt like my old self and highly recommend it for getting your energy and thoughts on track.
    This too shall pass

  7. Ugh, can feel your pain - and may I state I'd be both royally pissed and totally over it all as well, even if not hormonal and pregnant!

    You've every right to be feeling like this but am glad to see you are trying to shake off the funk. Sounds silly but I make myself say a little mantra before I am (ripped) from my bed in the morning by a little person. Depending on what I want to focus on for the day I speak my intention. eg "money's abundant" or "writing's abundant"... Crazy I know but kinda helps - and its cute when you catch your 2yr old playing in his room saying "money's abundant" to his toys :)

  8. I love your positivity Corinne, I really do. You are going through such a crappy time and so much is going on, I don't blame you feel browned off about it all.
    Four months is a terribly long time to be dealing with estate agents and just PEOPLE in general looking through your house.
    And I empathise with you completely on the tiny living space arrangement. It seems our boys just keep getting bigger, which is making the house look even smaller :o/
    It will all work out in time hun xo


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