Friday 5 August 2011

Who needs a fridge? Not me.

This was this week that our fridge died. Packed full of delicious pork products, ice cream and dairy delights, that had to be tipped into the bin. Apparently expecting an expensive whitegood to last more than half a decade is asking too much.

This left us in a bit of a quandary. We are still planning on moving some time this half decade and didn't want to buy a new fridge and find that our new kitchen needed a different fridge. So, what to do? My dad kindly offered to lend me one of his and another blogger buddy offered to lend us one, too. In the end I thought: do we really need a fridge?

This morning I got up to make the kids breakfast and fetched icy cold milk from this:

I think this was designed for cabbies to keep their lunch cold, but thanks anyway
 to the kind people of Premier cabs, it's my family's new fridge!

Let's take a peek inside!
Milk is kept ice cold with a frozen bag of Black & Gold vegies
(c'mon no-one would eat them anyway, they were super frosty).

Underneath, essentials like butter and cheese. Who needs anything else?

Take that! You stupid piece of crap!

So, the point of this tale? Who needs bulky, expensive, imported, carbon-producing appliances? Not me. I can take my new fridge with me where ever I go! Can you do that with your fancy Fisher and Paykel?


  1. oh crap rin!! even though its a sad tale, god youve made me laugh this morning!! enjoy the sunshine...xx

  2. Love it! Amazing what you can get by with when you need to! xx ps. how good is Lurpak....mmmm....

  3. Genius!!

    Another Lurpak fan here. So yummy!

    You could check out 2nds world, for a cheap fridge. Some are carton damamged or showroom stock and you can usually get a bargain!


  4. Love your positive spin on a crap situation!! I'm so envious of your mobile fridge - really!!!

  5. That's just plain shitty Corinne :o( Bloody modern appliances. Things definitely don't last long these days (and funnily enough I've just posted about my camera biting the dust!)
    Lucky the weather is still relatively cool so your little port-a-fridge doesn't feel the strain too much ;o) xo

  6. Funny I was thinking about what would I do if my fridge died on me. I have plenty of coolers.

    Glad to know there are ways to get around such a dilemna.

    Necessity is the mother of invention. You haven proven that correct Miss Corinne!


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