Monday 8 August 2011

The perfect cure

I'm feeling a little chirpier and more positive today. There's a big week ahead, but we'll get through it unscathed I'm sure. I have a fridge arriving today and I'm looking forward to filling it up. My littlest girl is trying out preschool at the end of the week. I still can't believe this, but more on that later.
I have a hospital appointment this week, which are starting to become more frequent as I get to the pointy end of this pregnancy.

Over the weekend, I did unearth the key to getting rid of a bad mood. For me, it's fairly simple:

* Time out and lots of laughter. Skip and I went out to dinner with some friends. It was somewhere cool. With cool people. Cool cocktails. You know, the kind of place I never go anymore. Afterwards, we stopped for a nightcap (well, the others did, I sipped on water) and we laughed. And laughed. And laughed. There's nothing like a good belly laugh to make you feel good.

This punch was literally smokin'. I told you there were cool drinks.

* Time at the beach with my family. I've said it time and time again on this blog, the beach makes my little family happy. Everyone is at their best. We all just love it so much. An afternoon at the beach totally soothes the soul, it's a pure tonic. It was overcast and we left just before the rain bucketed down, but it was still great.

* Pretty florals. Every year at this time, my neighbour's magnolia tree blooms and it's magnificent. Every time I pull up outside my home I look up and smile. The pretty pink blooms against a blue sky – there's nothing nicer. I wrote about it last year too. 

What's your cure for the cranks?


  1. Hello Corrine

    Lovely to hear you had such a wonderful (and well needed) time out weekend.

    YES - love the belly laugh's and love the beach - eternally.......

    I can imagine you "big" (not meaning this in a nasty way), belly jiggling up and down with the laughter - The baby wants to hear that too - the baby wants a happy mummy and environment

    big smiling hugs


  2. Oh, belly laughs are the best!

    My sister (who's overseas) is the one of the few tha can get the most raw version of a belly laugh out of me! But good friends are a close second ... :)

    As for my cure for the cranks? A drive by myself, even though I love my husband and son, to nowhere in particular, just a drive ... with good music, and amazing lyrics, and a higher volume than I can normally have with my 8 month old in the back seat.

    Soothes my soul :)

  3. I can honestly say Corinne that all of these things would help to cure my cranks too! Your night out sounded awesome and it's so nice to go out and do something fun and normal even when you're pregnant... I find it's important to still reserve a bit of time for yourself, because your body isn't really your own for 9 months, at least let your mind be :o)
    And yes yes yes! The beach cures almost anything... it's a salty fresh elixir. So pleased you're feeling happier xo


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