Thursday 18 August 2011

Tassie devil

Not the Big Apple unfortunately, the Apple Isle.

This time tomorrow I'll be high in the sky, probably somewhere over the Bass Straight. Skip and I are leaving the kids at home and heading to Hobart. A last hoorah before the bub comes and who knows when we'll get time together again. Let's face it who wants to babysit three kids?

So for three wonderful days, we'll explore, wander, eat, sleep (snore). I won't be making breakfasts, lunches or dinners. I won't be giving little people baths. I won't be breaking up fights (or at least I hope I won't). I won't be wiping little bums. I won't cleaning up mooshed cereal from the floor. I won't be listening to Mary Freakin' Poppins. Oh yes, I won't.

I'm missing out on catching up with some of my favourite bloggers, but I'll be thinking of them as I eat and relax.

On Monday morning, I'll jet home to reality while Skip stays on for work. All those things, including Mary Poppins, will be waiting for me.

Have a fine weekend everyone. I will be!


  1. Corrine

    have a lovely RELAXING time.

    you are stronger than I travelling that close in pregnancy now - I would have been too much of a nervous nelly! :)

    You will have a blast - I haven't see Tasmania - and I really would like to



  2. Unreal! Have the BEST time - can't wait to hear all about it x

  3. Corinne, this sounds blissful. I can't think of anything lovelier than spending 3 days chillin' with hubby right now. Ahhh, I'll live it through yourself. So pleased you're getting a little shot at peace and quiet before things turn a little hectic again... or should I say more hectic than it is now! Enjoy, look forward to a run down next week :o) xo

  4. ENJOY!!!

    Tassie is lovely. Enjoy those sleep ins and uninterrupted conversations.


  5. Have a truly beautiful trip.
    Soak it all up and save some of that gorgeous feeling for when you need it most.


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