Thursday 25 August 2011

So not nesting

After my little hospital visit this week, I've started to think it might actually be time to get ready for this baby's arrival if it does happen to come sooner than we thought. I'm not really one for decorating nurseries or having heaps of 'stuff''. Babies really don't need very much when it comes down to it, despite what people like to tell you. Just somewhere to sleep (which is often my chest), some clothes, some nappies and that's about it.

We got a new pram, so that's something. Our friends our looking after our other bubba stuff so I'm not too concerned. The only thing I'm thinking I might need is a new baby carrier to go with the Bjorn, perhaps a sling. In reality, I'll probably put my head in the sand for another few weeks when I hit a sudden panic and organise everything in a day.

To be honest, I've been too busy planning outings, dinners and catch-ups with those close to me. Focusing on just hanging with the girls. Putting my feet up and reading a book. Enjoying quiet evenings while they last, in case I end up with a bub that loves to scream at witching hour. Things that will be a little harder or I'll be a little bit distracted from in a couple of months. Sure I know life doesn't end, but having a baby hanging off me and being super sleep deprived does make these things a little more difficult and little less enjoyable. I can always send Skip out for a packet of nappies once the bubba is here after all.

So today, I think, I'll dream about our summer holiday instead.


  1. My lovely bloggy friend

    you take care of yourself and get organised!! That's an order.

    This little baby WILL be here very soon - nothing more mentally relaxing than having everything done.

    Ok - where's your list.
    Now start at No.1 :) (you are worrying me)


  2. I love this attitude.
    Some of it flies in the face of what my neuroses will allow me to be.
    But I love this attitude.
    I think you've got it right.

    But should you need a ridiculous amount of teeny tiny singlets, wraps or beanies - just yell out!!

  3. I agree with you Corinne. Babies don't really need anything except you, some nappies, a few onesies and a safe place to sleep.

    Relax and take it easy before bubba comes.

  4. I'm with you too. Some friends in a 'due date' group are talking nurseries being completed and clothes all washed, etc etc, and I haven't even thought about most of that. I know we will be borrowing a bassinet at some point but I haven't even bothered thinking too hard about that either! I agree. Babies don't need much, and what they do need isn't very hard to organise a bit later anyway. Enjoy your girls and resting and doing fun stuff now!

  5. hey Corinne, my physio brain is against those one-sided slings (so bad for your shoulders, neck and back), but check out these I found the other day. S'posed to be ultra comfortable and great for your back!! xx

  6. Loving your approach Corinne. See what comes from experience as a Mama. Less panic! That has got to be a good thing. You are so right too, the baby couldn't care less about anything, other than a warm nook to sleep in and milk! I was really back to basics second time around too. In fact I didn't use the change table once! Just plonked bubs on the lounge and did all the changing there. Simple! Enjoy those dreams of Summer hun :o) xo

  7. I was exactly the same when preparing for my babies' arrivals... and regretted it every single time too! You know you will! Put your feet up, WALLOW in being pregnant and pamper, pamper, pamper! Go on! x

  8. I think that you can be a lot more relaxed with the 3rd child! You know what you are doing, and it doesn't matter if the baby wears the wrong coloured clothes for a day or 2 (or more, does it????). I got a great sling on ebay. I found with the 3rd that I need hands free more often. Put your feet up, and enjoy being pregnant while you can!

  9. Ha! My third son slept with a number of miscellaneous items in his room for a while before I finally moved them out after his birth. SO disorganised.

    You've got the right attitude. It'll all be fine. Relax while you can. xxx

  10. I'm dreaming about summer too!

    You poor thing, hope you get lots of rest over the weekend.

    Hang in there, it's almost time. xxxx


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