Tuesday 16 August 2011

Preschool princess + giveaway

Goosey's first day at preschool last Friday was a HUGE success. I woke up a little nervous, a little sad and a little excited. Skip went to work late so he could take the little one to her first day.
Being a special day, we celebrated by having a special breakfast out, then came home to get ready.

Goosey picked out her outfit. Then she helped me make her lunch, the bottomless pit made sure there were plenty of snacks for the long day of play. Lil-lil piped up in the background telling us all what Goose needed for preschool and other the protocol with her voice of experience. Goosey filled up her brand new Stephen Joseph lunch bag and bottle, packed her back pack with all the preschool essentials and we were off. A few snaps had to be taken to make the occasion, of course.

The Goose with her lunch bag packed.

At the gate and ready to go.
She bolted into preschool, started painting with her mate Ollie and barely gave us a second look as we said goodbye. It's quite gorgeous, as Ollie is the son of one of my closest friends, we met in kindergarten and now our kids are going to preschool together.

It was really hard to walk out that door and leave her there. I'm so used to having my little side-kick with me. Lil-lil and I took Skip to work and then spent the day together. The girls will go to preschool on different days due to their ages, so no days off for me. Though, it was nice to have some one-on-one time with my big girl, especially before number 3 comes along.

All day, I wondered how Goosey was going, if she coping, if she was missing me. We went and picked her up about 15 minutes early as I couldn't wait anymore. She was dancing and holding hands with her friend Ollie and she didn't even acknowledge me, though Lil-lil got a look in. When I gave her a hug and said it was time to come home, she cried: "But I want to stay and play!" So it's great that she loves it, though being mum I wished that maybe she'd missed me just a little bit. It's better than heartbreaking goodbyes, I guess.

So my little baby is now a big preschool girl. Lucky I have another baby on the way to satisfy those baby urges.

To celebrate Goosey's first day of preschool I have some prize packs to giveaway. I've bundled up some super sweet Stephen Joseph products to make two prizes. I wanted to share the love as I adore Goosey's new lunch bag and drink bottle so much, it's cuter and easier to store than your standard bulky plastic lunch box. There's one girl's pack and one boy's pack.

The girl's pack features a lunch bag and a gorgeous lined rain coat (a large size 2). While the boy's pack features a lunch bag and a pair of cool sunnies. 

To win, tell me your first day at preschool, school, work, whatever tale. Entries are for Aussie residents only. Giveaway closes 11.59pm Sunday 21st August 2011. Let me know if you'd prefer a girl's or a boy's pack.


  1. Wow! Goosey is going to be a real go-getter! This was a beautiful story, thanks for sharing :)

    I thought I'd tell you about my little sister's first day at school, she's 14 months younger than me, and my best friend.

    I was in grade 1 on her first day at school, and she was ADORABLE! She had a full head of the most ridiculous ringlets, and would NOT leave my side. Literally. She grabbed the side of my school dress in a bunch and held on to it, while she followed me around everywhere (not QUITE as confident as your goosey, haha). And she did that for 3 months.

    My family kept my school dress as a keepsake, and to remind us as we hit the 'hate each other' teenage years, that once upon a time, we were best friend's, and fiercely protective of each other.

    And thankfully, we're still best friend's now.

    Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy! And enjoy the one on one time before the littlest one comes along :)

    Oh, and I would LOVE to be in the running to win a boys pack :)

    Cherie, from a baby called max xx

  2. I'm yet to deal with the preschool jitters yet. Abi will probably go Term 4 this year and I am in denial about the whole process. She asks about preschool all the time and I know she is ready, I'm just holding off because I'm nervous, for her and for me.

    Sounds like she handled it like a pro though, glad it wasn't too painful for you and Skip.

    And yes, baby #3 will cure all those baby issues. My Mum always says, puppies and babies are the biggest time wasters :)

    Great giveaway too, I'd love the girls pack, should I be picked as a winner.


  3. Hi corinne

    that is such a lovely story.

    I cried and cried at the thought of my 1st child starting prep. then I cried and cried when 1st child did start prep!
    My friends and husband called me several times over the day to see how I was - then I would break down and cry some more :(

    I am such a sop and I know it will come again for number 2.

    Well done Corinne - you held up wonderfully and soon you will have your arms warm again with more love


  4. So glad that Goosey looooved her big day. But completely understand that a little "I wiss you, Mummy" wouldn't have gone astray!!

    I haven't had to face the school start on the Mummy side of the fence yet.
    As a teacher & friend, I can recall a good friend texting me after her son's first drop off from behind the tree where she was spying on her child - or moreso the teacher!!

    When Magoo first went into care before I returned to part time work, I was a wreck. On the first 'trial' session I sulked across the road at a shopping centre counting down the minutes til I could return to my boy who had wailed as I left him. I was barely holding it together and then a well meaning lady we see around our neighbourhood tapped me and said "oh, where's your gorgeous little man?". I sobbed into this poor woman's shoulder!!!

    I'll probably be no better when school time rolls around.

  5. So special, great that she loved it and you were brave! Its lovely having that time with your other child. I have a day when Amy is at preschool and Stella is home with me but I really need to try and make a plan to spend some time with just Amy! Super giveaway, thank you!

  6. Your children are absolutely beautiful Corrine :) Goose is so precious with her lunch bag!

    I had the unfortunate circumstance of having to return to work before Scarlett was 6 months old. I was weaning at the time and that first day, every time I would think of her (and that was often), my boobs would start leaking milk... can you imagine, in a corporate environment?! I had breast pads of course but leaked through the lot of them and had to use toilet paper in the end.

    This, plus calling the daycare centre about 8 times and collapsing in a flood of tears in front of my boss - it wasn't exactly my finest hour.

    Looking back now I can't believe I was so stressed given the wonderful, nurturing place daycare has turned out to be and all the benefits she's gained from it... i too get the big "Brush Off" every morning as little red races to be with her friends. But I still remember my leaky boob moment and laugh!

  7. On my first day of Kindy, I kicked the teacher and told her I wanted to go home - now! I'd never been apart from mum. Mum also decided it was a fab idea to run away stealth-like so she didn't have to see me bawl. It was a freaking disaster. I wet my pants a few weeks later too.

    Mrs Macallum must have loved me lots...

  8. Oh that is so wonderful Corinne! Well done on raising two confident little ladies who each have taken on preschool in their stride. It's all testament to yourself and Skip :o)
    It's lovely she has a friend and such a special history with that particular friend too.
    I couldn't help thinking what a bummer it is that you don't have a couple of days off though... never mind, it will be nice to get that one-on-one time and assistance from both of your girls when bubs comes along :o) xo

  9. I am so happy for you that your little one took to school went so well.

    One on one time is good before the baby comes along. Enjoy your time :)


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