Wednesday 3 August 2011

Just call me Heather Locklear...

Not because i'm blonde, super skinny and was once married to a member of Bon Jovi. Because yesterday I was a special guest star at Lil-lil's preschool.

Her preschool encourages the parents to be involved. One mum teaches German, grandparents visiting from Scotland and Bangladesh tell tales about their homeland and a dentist dad came and talked about teeth.

I wondered what interesting thing I could bring to the kids? Blogging, my time on New Idea, the best way to use Twitter, a character analysis of Mad Men? Hmmmm nothing quite cut it. In the end Lil-lil decided I should read her favourite book. She also requested I sing a song, which I politely declined.

I was a little bit nervous as I took the story-telling chair. 19 eyes peering at me as they said "good morning, Corinne!" I looked at Lil-lil staring up at me with pride. I knew I had to make the most of that moment as it wouldn't be long before she denies my existence. She was a bit nervous too, worried her classmates wouldn't find the book as funny as she does. She looked relieved when everyone laughed in the right spot.

Before long they were all off on the next activity and I was on my way home. It's moments like these that make me thankful Im at home so I can do things like this. It's small but it's so nice to share this with Lil-lil. Plus it's not often you get 19 people hanging on your every word!

Have you been involved with your kids' preschool or school?


  1. Very brave of you Corinne... I am just waiting for the day. I'm sure when it comes to my turn I won't be able to read the words because my hands are shaking so hard! gxo

  2. You may be the next JK Rowlings

    Next time I know you will sing :)



  3. That is so cute Corinne. I can remember being super proud of my Mama when she would come to the school to help when I was little. It's such a great idea that they involve parents in that way though. It's good for children to see cultures, experiences, careers, other than those in their immediate family.
    I bet Lil Lil was grinning from ear to ear for the rest of the day :o) xo

  4. Good on you. I said yes to setting up and maintaining the vegetable garden at Henry's preschool. I kind of thought that I could sneak in, dig, plant, harvest and sneak back out. But when I snuck in, I was spotted and had to 'perform' in front of 20 preschoolers (and then try to coordinate eager helpers). I found it terrifying. Satisfying too. But quite scary.

  5. Wonderful!

    I know she loved having you there and sharing a story she loves :)

  6. Wonderful!

    I know she loved having you there and sharing a story she loves :)


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