Monday 27 September 2010


Good morning, good morning, good morning. Monday morning, yet again.

Despite being completely exhausted after barely sleeping for the past 10 days, feeling a little under the weather from a cold and having a busy week ahead, I feel lighter and brighter today.

The past few months have been challenging in so many ways, but I feel like a corner has been turned. Brighter, happier and more fulfilling days are ahead. Like the 'Little Engine that Could', I thought I could and now I'm at the top of the hill and it's all going to be smooth coasting from here. Please. Universe? Smoothing coasting from here? OK?! Do you hear me??

I have a bit of an epic post in the works, hopefully it will be up this afternoon. So hold onto your hats.


  1. Ooh, Consider me hat holding. Hope your feeling better!

  2. Hope that cold heads out with your cold weather...waiting with baited breath for this epic post!!!!

  3. Am praying that my internet connection is not cut off before that one!

  4. i'm holding onto my hats and I am feeling positive too, a corner has been turned in a big way - let us both cruise on into good good times!!


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