Saturday 25 September 2010

Great full

I've recently discovered the wonderful Maxabella, she's funny, smart and very thoughtful. Each Saturday she invites  bloggers to share what they're grateful for, so I though it might be fun to play along.

This Saturday I'm grateful for...

* Skip who drives a suburb away and gets me coffee at 6.30am every Saturday and Sunday from my favourite coffee place.

* I'm grateful for the warmer weather. It was such fun see how excited the girls got this morning as I put them in pretty summer dresses. Lil-lil has been asking for weeks if it's summer yet so she can wear a sun dress.

* My mum, who watched a sick Goosey yesterday, so I could watch Lil-lil's open day at ballet. She's also going to watch them again today while Skip's at the track so I can meet some bloggers for a coffee.

Happy Saturday!


  1. Ohhh you've got yourself a really good man there!
    Yes! Bring on the summer clothes!

  2. Oh that reminds me - I might join in too! :-) Love your gratefuls :-)

  3. What a guy!
    Some gorgeous gratefuls today,
    x Felicity

  4. I'm also grateful for lovely bloggers like Corinne who are so kind. Thanks for linking up today. Sorry to hear that Goosey hasn't been well, but enjoy your day today. x

  5. PS - And I love your "Great Full"... so clever. x

  6. wow, perhaps the best grateful ever there as your number 1! What a delightful thing to do xo

  7. What a sweet man you have! My hubby could learn a thing or two like that...
    Aren't mum's just awesome? I hope Goosey is feeling better today.

  8. He's a keeper, such a lovely thing to do bringing you coffee like that.

    I can't wait for it to be warm enough in Melbourne to wear dresses.

    Your mum sounds wonderful, hope your Goosey is better soon.

  9. Hey you! It was really lovely to meet you today .... please pretend you never saw me eat those chocolate dips with my spoon, *ahem* ...

    Will catch up with you again in March, if not before. xo

  10. I so wish we had a coffee place near us..and someone who would go and bring it me :)

  11. Oh how cool to meet up with some other bloggers! Was it fun?

  12. For a while there (a disciplined phase), each night before I went to sleep I wrote down 3 things that I was grateful for (or good things that happened). I think that it is such a wonderful thing to I love your list. A psychiatrist I heard on a podcast recently, cited 3 things that you need to be mentally healthy and happy: (1)something to do, (2)someone to love, (3) something to look forward to...and you have included those 3 in your list...sorry that was a bit of a ranty's your blog not mine! xx :)


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