Thursday 16 September 2010


I really like Thursdays at the moment. When I was working on weekly mags, Thursday was the worst day of the week  – deadline day. Which meant it was hectic to the max, stressful and, more often than not, it lasted until late in the night and sometimes even to Friday. Getting home from a long day at work to find night owl Skip already tucked up in bed asleep was depressing.

I don't think I'll ever work in weeklies again, I never really enjoyed the last minute rush. Completely changing something you lovingly created in the last minutes before sending to press. Seeing a mistake you'd previously overlooked and knowing that  you spend another few hours into the night waiting for new proofs. Jumping when the publisher walked in and hoping to hell he was going to look at the pages and smile and not make any changes.

Nowadays, Thursdays are very different beast. It's the time of the week where the girls and I are busy with their activities. I'm not scratching my head thinking of ways to fill the day. The past few weeks we've also caught up with good friends for a coffee and a play, which we all look forward to. We usually have something particularly yummy for dinner. Later I get to settle back and watch Mad Men, knowing the weekend is only a day away.

Yep, Thursdays are actually a pretty good day. Sure it doesn't have the thrill of Friday or the specialness of Saturday, but all-in-all I wake up happy on a Thursday.

So happy Thursday to you all! Do you have a day in your week that you know will cruise along nicely?


  1. I have become quite a fan of Wednesdays.

  2. Your Thursdays sound infinitely better now - enjoy x

  3. Thursdays are much more pleasant these days. Although sometimes I do miss the "Crazy Thursdays" my old workmates and I shared. We would be overworked and stressed out by the newspaper's weekend deadlines, so we would take something mundane and invent absurd little tales about it. These tales would take on a life of their own, getting more ludicrous as we got even busier until one or several of us collapsed in tears of laughter.
    I think my favourite day these days are still Fridays. Although Thursdays are a close second.

  4. It's always a good feeling to know what is going to happen on a day isn;t it? Like kids, we are all such creatures of habit. My life has NONE at the moment, but with the move this is THE thing I am looking forward to most...working out what we do on each day and filling them to the brim with 'things'. Including time watching movies and doing nothing. Hope your day lived up to expectations and you are watching Mad Men with choc in hand in NO time!

  5. I think my favourite day would have to be Saturday - a day off and knowing there's another day of the weekend left to come. After a hectic few weeks, I'm so looking forward to a couple of days pottering around home sweet home.


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