Wednesday 8 September 2010

Peaked interest

This year is the 20th anniversary of the TV series Twin Peaks. As I've mentioned before, I was a little obsessed with the series when it first came out. I was in high school and would tape every episode and watch it over and over.

When I went to the States with my dad at age 15 we visited the small town of Snoqualmie Falls (the real life Twin Peaks) and even stayed at the famous hotel at the top of the falls. I even had brekkie at the Double R diner. Now, I thought this was a little obsessive, but after a little look around the net, I've come to find there are people a whole lot MORE obsessive than me. They're still obsessive to this day. In their minds Laura is still dead and wrapped in plastic.

Over at the site In Twin Peaks  a gent has studied and researched every (and I mean every) location in the series and noted where it was. Even down to the shot of the bird in the opening credits. Extreme or what? Especially as the series was filmed in three different states. It's literally a 20-year devotion.

Twin Peaks Props identifies all the little background props and where they are now (!). The latest entry identifies a blurry McDonalds' mug seen in the background of a shot. Wowsers!

The dedication makes my interest in the show look, well, rather pathetic! It's nice to know there are kookier people than I out there in the world.


  1. Oh yes, there's always kookier out there, especially when it comes, to um, our friends in the States. (No offense to those reading who come from there of course, but y'all know it's true!)

    But your Twin Peaks obsession does rank, visting there and all....!

  2. The only thing I remember about Twin Peaks is a slow Southern drawl, and something about "Wrapped in plastic". I should try get my hands on a box set and revisit ;)

  3. Oh you DID NOT STAY THERE! So, so, so jealous. Did you have cherry pie at the diner? No, stop, don't answer - I'll drop dead of envy {envy can be terminal can't it?} I also need to do a revisit - loved that show SO MUCH!

  4. And revisit I did ... Now I'm one of the obsessed! Hahahaha


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