Thursday 9 September 2010

The right medicine

I've had a fairly crap day. A day that started at 4am when the girls woke and decided not to go back to sleep. As the day wore on it got worse. I won't bore you with the mundane details. It wasn't life or death stuff, just annoying. The only highlight was catching up with my friend Justine for a much-needed cuppa.

The bright side? I won two blocks of Cadbury Bar of Plenty which arrived in my letter box this morning and a new episode on Mad Men is on tonight. That is enough to keep me plugging on! Tomorrow is another day, after all!

Images courtesy of Cadbury and AMC


  1. Um, YUM! Free chocolate is the BEST kind.

    And Mad Men... Bliss. Don is such a jerk sometimes, but I still love him...

  2. Oh mamamia.... You hang in there Corinne... The reward is SWEET!

  3. Mmmm chocolate always makes things better :)

  4. I love this chocolate so much I want to MARRY IT. There's a block in the fridge that's going down fast.

    And Jon Hamm, well, you know my feelings on that subject.

  5. oh two of my favourite things!

  6. Sam - yep, he is a jerk. Esp in this series but I do love him!

    Ratz - yep it was a sweet, sweet reward.

    BuBbles - chocolate is definitely the answer to all the world's problems.

    PPMJ - Oh yeah baby!


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