Thursday 23 September 2010

A little handy - PLUS GIVEAWAY

As a blogger I receive a few offers to promote product on my blog. You see, A Day in the Life readers are a valuable commodity! The kind of A-type people advertisers and companies want to connect with.

My blog hasn't been created to make money (for me or anyone else), but occasionally I get a product that tickles my fancy that I like to share. I also like to make sure there's something in it for my readers (and there is, if you can make it all the way to the bottom of the post).

Dettol PR got in touch with me and asked if they could send me some a sample of a new product, an automatic hand soap dispenser. To make it fun, they also offered to also send a finger painting kit so we could put their new handwash to the test. Who was I to deny my arty girls the chance to get grubby? Plus as Goosey likes to wash her hands a lot (oh, about 1800 times a day) some new handwash wouldn't go astray in this house.

So, one sunny afternoon this week I set up the paints in the backyard and let the kids go crazy!

Let the fun begin!

Things started off fairly sedately,

but got more hectic and frantic fairly quickly!

Before long everything was a nice green/black colour.

Hands included!

Enter the hero of this story – Dettol No-Touch Hand Wash System!

Magically the soap is dispensed from the holder!

Before long their hands are cleaned, but they want to go back for seconds and thirds to see how the 'magic' soap works.

Skip, ever the cynic, rolled his eyes when he first tried it out, but I've noticed he's been coming back and washing his hands a little more than normal. He was even a little panicked when I turned off the dispenser and he thought it wasn't working. You know, men love a good gadget.

Me? Well, as our house has been germ-infested this week I have been washing my hands a lot. The cucumber splash variety smells really nice and my hands haven't dried out in my germaphobic hand-scrubbing mania.

All the while, I couldn't stop thinking of a lovely girl I worked with whose germ phobia led her to all sorts of acrobatics in the work bathroom to ensure she didn't touch any of the hand washing facilities with her bare skin. She would LOVE this gadget.

Now for the best part. Dettol would love to give five of my readers a No-Touch Hand Wash System.  To win, all you have to do is comment below. Entries close 11.59pm Tuesday, 28 September 2010. 


  1. YES!

    I saw the ad for this last night on telly.

    Genius invention. Also, we are massive Dettol fans in our house. A little obsessive actually!


  2. Ooh I've seen the ad for these too. I like.

  3. have seen these and thought that would be something the kids would LOVE!
    magic soap..hehheee.

  4. I want one to get rid of boy germs....

  5. This is G.E.N.I.U.S!

    Both of my hands are definitely up for this little lovely to come and live in our home.

    Felicity x

  6. Euww, why does fingerpaint always end up that weird khaki colour?

  7. Why not? I did see the ad for it and thought, for goodness sake, a magic soap dispenser is one thing, are they going to provide us with a foot pedal for the taps (like in hospital theratres) as well to keep the taps clean too?

  8. Oh tat is perfect! I want one

  9. You know why I need one right? So when I win, and you send it to me, and then I send you a thank you card back, I can use my new stamp! Thanks!

  10. Oh gosh i never knew a thing existed! How wonderful! I NEED one!! Please!

  11. wow! what a great giveaway! with seven kids I sure would love to win one of those - love the finger painting :)Naomi

  12. OOOOOH! I'd love me one of those no-touch dispensers. I rarely tune in to any ad's but that one really piqued my interest, which is hard to do during ad-time ;)

    Isn't it funny when the kidlets are doing a gorgeous painting full of lovely strokes and colours... and then just muddy it into dark green-black.

  13. I bet that no-hands wash system would have painty little hands all over it in no time in Maxabellaland... x

  14. Clever andd perfect for little people!


  15. My boys have a very special ability to paint the bathroom with soap- doesn't matter what type. Anything that can keep soap off my bathroom mirror is a win for me.

  16. Could actually sit attached to the cubby house - which is beside our mud pie (opps I mean sand pit) area.

  17. I am desperate for one of these! Brilliant giveway, thank you!


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