Friday 17 September 2010

A week in review...

Wow, it's Friday again. What is it about this time of year that has life set on fast forward? It's like spring hits and the weeks just zoom by.

In some ways my head is already in 2011 as this week has involved a lot of thought about what we'll be doing next year – preschool, work, holidays. I haven't come up with any concrete solutions but we're getting there. Though I must say, the plans I am working on are scaring me half to death!

This week in highlights:

* Going to see some friends' band play at a rockerbilly/mod festival. They sounded fantastic and there was the BEST people watching ever. The girls absolutely loved it and Goosey danced her socks off until an unfortunate poo incident had us running for home.

* Showing the girls Skip and my wedding DVD. They thought it was great until they realised they weren't in it and quickly got bored and wanted to watch Dora.

* Catching up with a good friend. Though the visit was first disrupted by two girls who tore apart the cafe and when we escaped to a park it bucketed down, drenching us all. I'm sure my friend was happy to go home and get warm and breathe a sigh of relief that the kids weren't hers.

* A good bloggy friend reaching out; being a bit down and feeling pretty negative, someone lovely inspired me to challenge myself and put myself out there. It worked a treat and I'm feeling hopeful again.

* Lil-lil  receiving her new ballet shoes from eBay in the post. Her toe has been pointed ever since and she hasn't taken her eyes off them. It's true love!

* Tonight I'm looking forward to a perfectly cooked steak and a glass of fabulous Pinot. A fine way to end the week and start the weekend.

How was your week?


  1. That is so gorgeous about the permanently pointed toe! And I get what you mean, the speeding up to the end of the year has just started hasn't it?

  2. A mixed grill...a great start and very ordinary end. But good nonetheless. I love that your girls also got bored during your wedding DVD - Daisy HATES stories that involved a time before HER. Was there ever such a time?! And unfortunate poo incident. Unfortunate indeed. Ha! Have a great weekend x

  3. There's nothing like a new pair of ballet shoes to make a girl feel wonderful. And you've reminded me to transfer my wedding video to DVD, so thanks for that!

  4. Now, that sounds perfect (apart from the poo obviously) glad things are looking brighter xx

  5. Visiting from the Blog Hops! I love your site. I can't wait to get to know you better. Stop by when you get the chance. I have a Meet Me Monday blog hop and I would love if you could join in.

  6. noooo...I loved my catch up session and the rain was just bloody funny! Was great to see you and the wee little tigers! and ps... crying over wet underpants is no laughing matter!! xxx

  7. Sounds like a pretty good week Corinne, thankyou so much for all your support this week - I truly value everything you have to say.

    My week has been a rollercoaster as you know - but looking forward to a better week next week.


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