Tuesday 28 September 2010

A spring in my step

I've had one of those mornings when I've got things done. I've taken a leaf out of the King's book and taken care of business. I've cleaned, I've dusted, I've made phone calls, I've made playdates, I've made appointments, I've done washing, I've thrown things out and I feel so in control. Nothing better than a to-do list all crossed off by 9.30am.

The doors and the windows are open and fresh, warm spring air is mingling with music as it comes out of the stereo. It's invigorating!
The kids are pottering round and playing little games. Most importantly, they're not bickering.

Spring has got us all buzzing like bees around clover.

Have you got spring fever yet?

PS- Thanks for all your lovely comments yesterday.  I really do appreciate every single one of them. The support and friendships I've made through this blog continues to blow me away. 


  1. I know exactly how you feel....nothing is better than having all my "chores" done by the time Noodle goes to school!
    As for your invigorating Spring weather, I am waiting for the crisp chill of fall to finally set in...I'm ready for wool,boots and big giant cozy sweaters!


  2. I'm a total morning person myself and nothing is better than looking at the clock and feeling like I've accomplished a day's worth of work and it not even lunchtime. that's the best feeling!

  3. YAY for the little spring... I am not much of a morning person Corinne and i am not very proud of it.. because i miss such little things... :-(

  4. Yay for Spring and yay for being on top of things! So glad to hear things are running smoothly for you now sweetness x

  5. Sounds like a perfect morning to me. I love crossing off the to do list. So satisfying and then you can reeeeeally relax after a job well done. Happy Spring! x


Thank you so much for your comments! I'm always thrilled to hear from you.

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