Wednesday 15 September 2010

The root of the problem


Now, if you know me real life, you may be shocked to know that these golden highlights of mine need a little help from Mr Peroxide. Shocking, I know! I'm definitely not as naturally blonde as I used to be, more an 'awful mousy colour' as a lovely hairdresser once told me.

Anyhoo, I recently bought an amazing deal online to get my hair coloured and cut. The only problem is I have to wait a number of weeks before I can get an appointment. Which means that I'm stuck with hair that desperately needs colouring now, so I can't imagine what it's going to be like in a couple of weeks.

A complete first world dilemma, I know. So for now I'm trying to work out ways to rock my Britney Spears locks at the unusual amount of social functions I have on over the next few weeks.

Any suggestions or hints my loyal readers?


  1. I have been doing my own hair (cuts included) for ever now! I know this sounds lame but even Pam Anderson (quintessential beach blonde) dyes her own hair. $17 Loreal.

  2. No suggestions... Corinne Sorry.. i am a black and brunette hair personality & there is nothing that i hv ever done on my hair... all the best though

  3. When my regrowth gets too much and my hair too unruly, I rely on hats. They're not particuraly useful in my current workplace/s but for everywhere else, they work a treat until I have the spare hour to do my roots/ get the chop.

  4. A hat? :P

    Bandanna, wig, scarf, helmet, they all work!

    Oh, and pray for a cancellation sooner!

  5. Apparently a different parting can help - otherwise, are you brave enough to try the Nice n Easy root touch up? It's an easy choice for me (um, black) but mightn't be so simple for you. Good luck - at least you don't have the actual skunk look that I manage to effect - black hair, grey roots - eep!

  6. I"m with PPMJ - whenever beauty eds answer this question, they always suggest a zig-zag part, to help offset the effects. Otherwise, work it like you meant to look like that. And be thankful it's not grey. :-)

  7. Here's what I do - don't leave the house!!

  8. Thanks everyone! Lots of hints to get me through.
    Not sure about being a suicide blonde, I did it a few times but wan't particularly happy with it.


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