Tuesday 14 September 2010

A little piece of advice to myself

Do you often give people advice? Try to inspire them to be their best? Encourage them?

I do.

Do you ever listen to your own advice? Do you ever encourage yourself to be your best? Do you ever tell yourself you believe you can do something great?

I rarely do.

Today I was reminded that I should take my own advice a little more often.

So here is a clip to inspire myself. To remind myself to live life fully. I hope it inspires you too.


  1. Oh Corinne, i love this movie.. it is a good work... all the best with the project..

  2. So true Corinne. A really thoughtful post. We should follow more of our own advice and try to inspire ourselves as well as those around us.

  3. Go with the gut. Every time. I have plenty of them fortunately enough.

  4. I'm always giving myself a strong talking to - nearly had to smack myself around the head recently as I just wouldn't pay attention...

    Good luck xx

  5. Thanks all!

    Beth - I too have plenty of guts! Just need to work out how to use them ;)
    PPMJ - Thanks for words of wisdom, I needed to hear them! xx


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