Tuesday 7 September 2010

Things I learnt at Wildlife World (as God knows what my kids learnt)

As mentioned in my previous post, I'm all about get the kids out and about as they need so much stimulation at the moment. Today's excursion was to Wildlife World. We recently bought the annual pass for here and the Aquarium and as it's only a few minutes drive from my house, makes a good (or so I thought) morning outing.

Being an educational place  I thought I'd share what I learnt at Wildlife World today:

  • The kids like the pretend animal figurines better than the real animals.
  • The kids like pushing the buttons on the vending machine better than looking at the real animals.
  • The kids like the kiosk better than looking at the real animals.
  • My two-year-old is more mature than a group of 15-year-old school kids (as pointed out loudly by their teacher).
  • It's important to watch my two-year-old very closely when someone asks if she'd like to pet an animal, the poor snake at Wildlife World is still trying to get its gizzards down after almost being strangled by her.
  • That out of all Australian wildlife, the species I most closely resemble is the wombat. Brought to my attention by Lil-lil:
ME: Look at that cute wombat! He's having a nice snooze.
Lil-Lil: It's a lady wombat. It's a mummy.
Me: How do you know?
Lil-lil: It looks like you.
  • Lil-lil is afraid of some escalators. She nearly fell getting on the one going down from Pyrmont Bridge. Then when we went back up she froze and wouldn't step on. I either had to leave her there or drop Goosey over the side. She stood there watching me go up and nice lady tried to help her as I yelled back down. For the first time in her life I could hear her say "I should wait here for my mummy." As I headed back on the down side, she must have changed her mind as she was going up with a sweet group of Muslim school kids, so we headed back up again! Finally found her and thanked the students before going on our way with Lil-lil in a vice grip.
  • Sometimes, we should just go to the park or play in the backyard instead of going out.


  1. LOL, the wombat comment was the clincher. Bet they had a really good time, really. x

  2. You deserve a medal for effort. My kids think that the pet shop at Market Town IS Wildlife World. Well done!

  3. Where do you live? I live like 1 minute walk from there!!

    Abi loves Wildlife World. I hated seeing the kangaroos though, they all looked sad :(

  4. OMG this was a hilarious post.
    Loving you Mummy Wombat.
    x Felicity

  5. Lovely post, I have lived through exactly the same experience. My kids love buying and trying to win things...the favorite animals are always anyway cats and dogs.

  6. When my kids were young we lived in a town that was so small there were no buildings that had escalators or even elevators. One time we took them to the big city for a trip and they had to get on an escalator at the mall. OMG!! They completely freaked out. I thought someone was going to call the police!!

    Wombat - too funny!!


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