Tuesday 14 September 2010

Cross roads

This week, I feel like I'm at cross roads, yet again. So many decisions to make and so little to base the decisions on. Being the proactive person I am (not), I have not even begun to think about what I need to. Instead the deadline looms even larger with me no step closer to making up my mind. Schooling, work, kids, life.

I have always tended to live by the motto 'Whatever is meant to happen, will happen'. I've never had a strong passion or goal to work to, so I've kind of ambled down the best path presented to me. Right now, I wish I had a list to tick off to get to my goal rather than wandering round in the mist trying to work out where I'm going.

I guess I'm lazy, I would love the right answers to fall in my lap. Once I know what my destination is it will be much easier to find my way.

Image by Paul de Bruin.


  1. It's definitely a tough one Corrine - Disappointment if you don't make goals or disappointment if you don't achieve them. I'm sure you will come to find the right path for you x

  2. Try this: Stop and think about how you'd feel if you said yes. Really try to imagine it. Now, what if you said no - where are you and how do you feel? It's scary taking a step - and fabulous if that's where you think you want to be. But if you're happy where you are then there's nothing wrong with staying put. Make any decisions based upon you, your girls, and your lovely hubby - don't take into consideration how others will feel - just you.

    Good luck xx

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