Wednesday 22 September 2010


We've been hits with illness, which means sleepless nights and sooky children. Snotty noses and a few tears. I knew this was coming when I spoke aloud the words : "Gee, the kids haven't been sick for a while," last week.

You things aren't right when little ones collapse in tears over something they'd normally brush off. When you hear that crow-like cry in the dark of the night. When the only thing that will help them sleep is being held in your arms.

At the moment my body is running on caffeine and that energy that miraculously appears in a mum when her child is sick and she hasn't slept in many nights.

Poor little Goosey is home alone with me today while Lil-lil is off at her playgroup/kindy. As I type she's cuddling her rabbit and staring out the window saying "Lil isn't home yet, Mummy."

Hopefully tomorrow is a less snotty day.


  1. I hear you - poor Harper has had a cold for almost just over 2 weeks now, including an ear infection as is les miserables. Not helping with the packing!

  2. Hugs to you all....and wishes for a speedy recovery so that you can all go zooming about in the springtime sunshine.

    x Felicity

  3. oh poor little tiny... hope you all have a better afternoon, and that you soon find the precious sleep that you deserve..!! xx

  4. Oh poor baby... Hugs to you Corinne... xoxoxo

  5. hope snot will disappear swiftly and you all get some rest xx


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