Sunday 12 February 2012

Snotastic Sunday

I've been looking forward to this weekend. A break from the hectic first week of school. A time to relax, catch up with friends and have fun.

It all started well until about 10pm Saturday when the babe woke up. He was burning up, sneezing and snotty. Halfway through the night, when I was up with the boy yet again, my throat began to hurt. By morning I was feeling crapola.

Skip was the same. As was Lil-Lil. Sunday has been the looooongest day. Wiping noses, counting the long hours until I can collapse into bed. Nothing worse than when you're feeling sick and you have to look after sick little people.

I'm on the home stretch. Please, kids, please sleep well. Mama needs to rest.


  1. Hoping you get a good night's sleep and everyone feels better soon!

  2. Oh you poor darling. That is just hideous, can't stand the Summer cold :o( Though the temperatures we've been experiencing are undoubtedly the cause of everyone's illness. You poor things, crossing my fingers you all have a reasonably restful sleep tonight. I know that feeling only too well of counting the hours until you can flop into bed again xo

  3. Aaaggghhh.
    sNOT what you needed at all.
    Hope you feel much better today - you know, in time for the busy week.
    :-) x


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