Wednesday 22 February 2012

Oh where for art you, blog?

Last year I used to have this lovely little window in the morning, where the kids were happily munching their toast and I could bash out a blog post. This year that window has disappeared. Making TWO lunches, a crying baby and ironing uniform seems to have sucked that precious little moment right up. 

As the day progresses, I'm struggling to find a moment to write and now I've got soggy, squashed mixed-up blog posts coming out my ears, instead of my fingers like they should. It's not good. I miss writing here. 

Instead I'm thickly spreading butter with a scrape of vegemite on Vita-Wheats for one, thinly slicing cheese and spreading avocado on bread for another. Which, let's face it makes for boring blogs, so I'm going to take my sleep deprived self and have a nap instead, who knows when the chance will present itself again.

The amazing sleeping boy has morphed into the non-sleeping boy and this phase is getting longer and longer. So I'm grabbing a moment of peace and quiet and zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


  1. Oh gosh do you really iron school uniforms? I have been pretending to myself that they are fine if I hang them out on the line on a clothes hanger and kind of smooth them out with my hands!!

    1. I'm certainly NOT an ironer, but the fabric gets really crushed so I feel compelled!

  2. Rest up.
    We'll be here when your fingers feel like talking.
    :-) x

  3. Hope you got that much needed nana nap, there is nothing nicer to steal away from the middle of the day and snooooze xo

  4. The good thing about windows is they can reopen!

    Enjoy the rest you can find in your busy day :)


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