Wednesday 15 February 2012

She's a gold digger

I love Sydney. I was born here, have spent most of my life here. She's a pretty city, no denying. She sparkles like no other city I've been to. But man, I'm starting to suspect she's a gold digger. The only thing she wants from our relationship is my money.

When I sat down to the news sites yesterday, it seems I'm right. The seventh most expensive city in the world? Yep, you got it. Sydney.

It's true, everyone you speak to is moaning about the cost of living - house prices, rent, utilities. Everything costs money and lots of it.

So, what do you do? Move somewhere else? Sure, I'd happily live in another city - Melbourne, Perth, wherever (unfortunately due to Skip's work it would have to be a city). Oh but wait, the cost of living in Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane and Adelaide is more than in London, Rome, New York, Berlin, Hong Kong and Beijing. Right.

Oh well. At least we have the gorgeous sunny Sydney weather to make it all worthwhile. Oh wait...

That's it Sydney. You've been put on notice. Pick up your game or it's London, New York, Hong Kong here I come.

Image: Tim R


  1. I saw that sky lasst night as well and it was spectucular. Do not start me on the cost of living here though xx

  2. Ha! Love it, so true! Having just moved back from the UK. I can honestly say, Sydney - you are one expensive city, pretty though you are. x

  3. Couldn't agree more - it's soooo expensive living here. Amazing, but expensive.

  4. It's insane. I'm so over Sydney. Crap weather. Crap roads and PT. Average eateries that cost an arm & a leg.

    We are thinking of leaving the Sydney ship at the end of year. I'm actually writing a post about it right now!


  5. We managed 6 years before making a sea change to the Central Coast. But my husband still commutes for work so we arent totally free of her expensive grasp :)

  6. Spot on, Sydney is a gold digger. A truly beautiful one but a gold digger nonetheless. We upped & moved 1.5 hrs out of Sydney nearly 18 months ago now & have not looked back (fortunately my husband's business where he can work from home has allowed us to do that). Prior to moving I often wished I'd just never been born into Sydney, that it was not my home but instead somewhere where the cost of living was just slightly cheaper. Our proximity now is a nice compromise!

  7. She IS a gold digger, I often say it. Sometimes I get a bit fed up with the cost of living in a place so small JUST because we're in a big city. But like yourself, we're bound by work commitments... and of course it's tough to leave family and friends. Sigh. xo


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