Monday 27 February 2012

Just another boring sleep post

It's now four weeks since the boy's sleeping went awry and I'm worn out. Boringly, frustratingly worn out.
He slept so wonderfully, I thought I'd finally got my 'good' sleeper after years of dealing with non-sleeping children. Not so, it seems.

Everyone keeps telling me I should be happy that he slept well for a time. It some ways though, it's more frustrating as I know he can do it, so why isn't he doing it now?

I'd be fine if it was once or even twice a night, but it's usually 3 or 4 or more times a night. Last night he was up 4 times, 3 of those times for longer than an hour each. This doesn't include the times that Goosey got up.

I'm tired. Skip's tired. My back and legs ache from settling and holding and rocking. It's so ridiculously boring.

My head is fuzzy and I'm not with it at all.

So let's forget about all that boring stuff and concentrate on the good. Like Mad Men and the fact that it's coming back, very soon!


  1. It helps not a bit. But you know this will end. It will. The dullness of patting babies to sleep can send you batty. But you are not alone, mothers all over the place are up patting and swaying and rocking and humming.

  2. Don Draper is a god!

    Cannot wait. Was watching re-runs last night on Foxtel. I hope the new season is stellar!

    I can't offer much advice hun, we had a SHITHOUSE week in my house last week. All I can say is hang in there gorgeous. And sleep when he sleeps, in the day.


  3. Almost 14 months of broken sleep here. D has never been a good sleeper & this past week was a shocker of almost newborn proportions. I hear you loud & clear. I am just taking it one day at a time otherwise I'd go bonkers.

  4. It sucks doesn't it? My eldest only just got the sleeping thing about 6 months ago, when she turned five.
    I just thought one out of three had to be a sleeper!!

  5. Wish I had some answers/magic/uninterrupted sleep for you.

  6. Sleepless nights just suck. There's nothing good about them for anyone and no matter how much people say 'they'll get through it and be sleeping through soon' it doesn't make you feel any better.
    Coffee is always a good friend at these times.
    Sorry I can't offer any more helpful advice.

  7. Oh yes, let's concentrate on Don and the Mad Men crew... hanging for that return also Corinne.
    As for the lack of sleep, just big hugs to you hun. And know that you're doing a fabulous job... I've got my fingers crossed that it will improve for you asap xoxo

  8. I am feeling scared. But I'm also feeling really bad for you.

    One day you will not even remember what these days were like. Hold onto that. xx

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