Tuesday 28 February 2012

The little things

Lately, I've been going through this weird, stupid, ridiculous time. I kinda feel like the world, the government, the universe or someone is against me. There have been mistakes, mix-ups, accidents, bad luck.

It feels like one battle after another some days.

Just when I'm wringing my hands and shouting: "Are you serious?!" one little thing happens that keeps me going, that stops me from throwing in the towel. It's often simple, inconsequential to the person giving it but means the world to me.

A supportive comment on this blog, a kind act from a stranger, a text from Skip, a funny conversation with the girls, a giggle from D.

It's amazing how much positive fuel we can make for ourselves from one tiny action.

It's a great lesson to learn, but can I have a few smooth weeks now? Please?


  1. I wish i could run in front of you smoothing the way like I smooth the sheets when making the bed. Can you pretend I am? xx

  2. I got into a shitty personal drama on the 2nd January and I couldn't help but be stupid & ridiculous and think it was "a sign" of the year that was to come. So far? It hasn't let me down. You're not alone x

  3. When I feel like that, I know something needs to change.

    Like, I need to mix my life up a little.

    It might be something small, but that something small may be the difference :)

    Or, you could just have a squish fest with little D. Baby thighs pick me up as well :)


  4. Oh I get this Corinne. Lately, I've felt the same way. And the more things that happen, the more of a persecution complex I develop. Like the whole world is working against me. Ludicrous, but true. Right now, I'm just wanting to see the back of February... because of course, it is ALL February's fault for the bad luck I've had. I know, ludicrous! Hope March brings good vibes for you too xoxo

  5. I so know how that feels. Just when you think things can't get any worse they do and they have.
    It is the little things that keep us moving forward and keep us smiling rather than crying.
    Thank Goodness for family and friends and the laughter of the kids otherwise i'd be insane already.
    Hope March is a better month, thank goodness there's only one day left of February!

  6. I have had days like that...I can empathize. Sometimes I force myself to put it all away, tuck it away, walk away from it...for a while....if I can. The little things are the most precious sometimes. I hope things improve for you...sending good energy...

  7. Oh,those times, those times. I'm just freshly minted out of one, Corinne. It feels like the gods are smiling a little bit again. FFS, they ought to be! I hope you come out of your patch very, very soon. You're a good, kind, thoughtful woman who deserves good stuff always.*

    * That was my supportive bit to help you through a bit more.

    Love to you.


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