Saturday 4 February 2012

It's Monday, I must be a doctor

Being five, Lil-lil often gets asked: "What do you want to be when you grow up?" Her standard answer is vet, but the other day she said to me: "Mum, I don't just want to be a vet, I want to be a lot of things. So I was thinking, on Monday I could be a vet. On Tuesday I could be a swimming teacher. On Wednesday I could have a restaurant. On Thursday I could be a mum. On Friday I could be a princess."

Well, I guess people do tend to have more than one career these days. Me, I have had just the two, working in magazines and then becoming a full-time mum. My older brothers have both had radically different careers in their working life. Skip has dabbled in different things at different times. Gone are the days of committing to job, let alone one employer, for life.

This got me thinking, what would I choose if I could do a different dream job every day of the week?
Here's my list:

Monday: I'd be a novelist. Sitting in a gorgeous room somewhere typing out perfect prose.
Tuesday: I'd be a film director. I want to be a film maker until I was about 20. I even studied film at university. Another dream that fell by the wayside.
Wednesday: This would be a good day to be a forensic scientist.
Thursday: Domestic goddess. Creating the perfect home and looking after perfect children (this is a dream list, after all).
Friday: Easy. Rock star. Cmon, who wouldn't want to be a rock star?

What are your dream jobs? Are you already doing your dream job? Share, share!


  1. In no particular order:

    Speech pathologist
    Primary school teacher (crazy, I know)
    Wedding dress shop owner
    Professional kareoke (sp?) singer

    I am of course none of these!

  2. My husband would looove this concept.
    He hasn't stuck with one job for more thsn two years yet!!
    He's one of those jack of all trades - who lands on his feet every time!
    He also has a very short attention span - I'm lucky he has stayed with me so long!

    I have always wanted to be a pediatric speech therapist or child psych - so I would start my week in those and then end it with something lighter (not necessarily easier) like personal shopping and barwork.

  3. Goddamn what a beautiful post.

    I'd alternate ... milliner, streetsweeper in Rome, Princess like Lil-lil (married to William please HUBBA) .... and international humanitarian journalist model.

    That's all.

  4. THAT is a fantastic concept! Why is it that children are the smart ones, with the open minds and fabulous dreams?? If only that desire could be harnessed early on, maybe we could all be doing everything we wanted to as adults. A great post Corinne :o) xo


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