Friday 10 February 2012

Funeral song

I don't often blog twice in one day, but Eden's Fresh Horses meme has got me again. This week she's asked what your funeral song would be. I've always loved this question.

The most obvious answer for me is a Beatles song, as they've been the soundtrack to my life.
I've always thought I'd choose Let it Be.

Though there's part of me that wants to go on another tangent and have this song:

What about you? Join in with Eden here

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  1. I've chosen something more "Wham" - but that's just me. Always having to have the last laugh, and I can just picture my family in the church rolling their eyes at me having the final word.

  2. HA that would be hilarious!! and wouldn't it be great to leave 'em laughing?

  3. You're too!
    I just read Beth's funeral songs too and if pressed to pick it would be Sanvean sung by Lisa Gerrard originally from Dead Can Dance. It's hauntingly beautiful and has an aching to it. Perfect for making people cry!

    *look it up on YouTube if you haven't heard is truly beautiful!
    **is Dead Can Dance in your repertoire?With all our music convo's I don't think I have asked!

    1. Eleanor ... I LOVE DEAD CAN DANCE. And Lisa Gerrard solo. My goodness, the raw dripping talent. Love. Excellent choice!

  4. Hee hee.
    That would certainly set the scene!

  5. My Grandmother recently died, at her funeral we played theres no business like showbusiness because she loved the theatre and amateur dramatics!!

    I LOVE let it be, I thought I had made my list, but maybe there should be room for this one x

  6. Would love a bit of Wham! at my funeral, excellent idea!

  7. Facebook page liked.

    I love Let It Be.


  8. Wake Me Up is just the best idea for a funeral song. Dare you! x

  9. I love both song choices, for totally different reasons. Great job!

  10. Party all night by Kiss. Is that bad???? Would they play?
    I think half of the family would laugh becuz that would be so me.

    Wake Me us is hysterical.


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