Tuesday 7 February 2012

On repeat

I'm constantly repeating myself, every day I say the same things over and over. I'm thinking that I might just get a tape on loop with all the things I say every day.

Here's a taste of what I do say over and over each day:

* Shhhh it's too early

* Don't put your finger in his eye

* Don't pull his leg

* Give him some space, get off him

* Watch out for the spew

* Just because

* Go play outside

* Be nice to your sister

* Shhhh the baby is sleeping

* Don't forget to flush

* Get off her!

* Can you please eat your dinner

* Of course you like carrots

* Don't throw it on the floor

* Fruit doesn't make you spew

* Don't drink the bath water

* Go to sleep

* PLEASE go to sleep NOW

What I wish I was saying every day:

* Just a dash of milk is fine thanks

* Put the washing on after you clean up the breakfast plates

* Thanks for taking the kids to school

* Just a light seafood lunch for me, don't go to too much trouble

* I'm just going to pop out for a moment while you do craft with the kids

* Yes, I'd love a slice of cucumber in my Hendricks & tonic, thanks

* I'll eat my seared scallops after you finish bathing the kids

Do you repeat yourself too?

Thanks for all your kind words yesterday. Lil-lil left this morning smiling, so I'm hoping she comes home smiling.


  1. Oh I hear you. I say:
    "Get off her"
    "That's too rough"
    "Don't touch her face"
    "Don't touch her head"
    "Listen to meeeee!"
    etc etc ad infinitum ad nauseum

  2. I MUCH prefer the second lot as well.

    See how many of the first you can replace with either;
    1. A raised finger
    2. A raised eyebrow

    Seriously, it's like sign language for kids. If not, i'd just chant the latter on repeat in my head, and hope at least one of them comes true soon x

  3. Oh I love this! Mine are:

    'Get changed!'
    'Did you brush your teeth?'
    'Did you make your bed?'
    'How many times do I have to ask you?'
    'No yoghurt!'
    'Give him some space!'
    'Feet are not for ... kicking, that's right'
    'No, fireworks aren't scary'
    'Did the elephant do a poo poo in Thailand? Oh ok'

  4. Ok, back from hanging out the washing because you reminded me....I am hearing you...I get sick of hearing myself repeat the same thing over and over again everyday. BLAH!

  5. Haha, YES! I'm a record player too, saying the same things.

    My house is something like this?

    Did you wash your hands?
    Shut the door.
    Be quiet, you'll wake Ted!
    No, no more snacks!
    What do you want for dinner?
    It's time for bed.
    It's time for bed NOW.
    Edward, NO!
    Stop that!
    Babe? BAAAAAABE?
    I feel sick.
    I'm tired.

  6. Love it, Corinne.
    "You're not hungry, you just ate."
    "Not 'whaaad?' - 'pardon?"

    "Another dacquiri, please" definitely has a much nicer ring to it.

  7. Yep, I'm just a broken record and it gets really, reeeeeally boring too. This made me laugh Corinne and was refreshing to read that many of your repetitive comments, I also say :o) xo
    Glad to hear Lil lil started off positive this morning xo

  8. Love it - great post!

  9. Hooray, I'm not the only parent whose kids have selective deafness! I swear sometimes they make me repeat myself on purpose!
    At the moment with toilet training the biggest repeaters are
    'pull up your undies' or 'where are your undies'!

    I much prefer 'where's the waiter with my next cocktail', or 'pull up a seat and have a coffee'.


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