Friday 24 February 2012

It looks like everybody kicked a goal

The Castle

Life is a bit of a blur at the moment. I'm struggling with the dropping kids at school and preschool and then picking them up again. In theory it sounds like an easy, quick and simple thing to do, but by 10am I've got kids in and out of car seats six times, then 2.30pm rolls around and we do it all again. I feel like D and I live in the car carting the girls around to and fro. It's all a lot busier than I thought it would be. On top of that there's swimming lessons, preschool meetings, school social events, kids parties, etc, etc. Being sleep deprived and a bit frazzed, I don't have the time I thought I would with the kids out of the house. Poor D is the baby on the run who just has to nap and eat wherever and whenever.

In the rush of the mundane it's also easy to forget that these are little people doing amazing things for the first time. Instead you think of them as packages that need to be distributed.

Yesterday, I tried to take some time with each of them, just a couple of minutes to take note of what they've grown into.

Lil-lil is so grown-up. She reckons she's so good at reading that she can do it with her eyes closed. She's got a complicated social life with friends and bestest best friends that change on a daily basis. She's hanging out to win Student of the Week at assembly. She's learning big lessons, like looking after her school hat (already lost) and her lunch box and that the playground is a big, rough place.

With Goosey she punches so far above her three years that it's easy to forget she's learning so much and growing too. How to bond and find her own place in the world and with her friends. She's finding a place where she's not Lil's crazy little sister. That "birds keep eggs under their bums or else the eggs will shiver". She can now draw the happiest little people and love hearts. She only plays with the boys.

D is a far cry from the scrawny little boy pulled out too early. His thighs are impressively chubby. He's reaching for things and grabbing, trying to move and desperate to roll around. He can even pull his sister's hair, the first step in his revenge plan, no doubt.

The best part of being a parent is watching them kick their goals, no matter how small they are. I just need to remind myself to look occasionally and not get lost in the day-to-day.


  1. is so much better when i stop and look and see...instead of going through the motions trying to check things off my list....I am trying to be mindful like the Jedis of Star Wars my kids watch!!
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

  2. With daily routine it can happen that life passes too quickly. Remind your self to slow down if only for a minute and look at your precious angels you created.
    Before you know it, you will be going out to lunch with them and they will be telling you of their kids and schedule :)

    To more mommy and me times!!

  3. Oh, I hear you! I'm feeling utterly exhausted...getting kids in and out of car seats all day long wears you out. And then they fight or don't listen and it's a constant merry g-round that you can't get off! Feeling sorry for myself today lol

  4. big love to you corinne, sometimes we all have these hard days/weeks/months when you feel like you are running up hill all day long. the kid drop off.. not easy at all! so much buckling and unbuckling.. thinking up new ways to coax little brother out of the kindy room without tears because he wants to stay too.. I have been trying to take time each day with each of mine too. like you, even just a few minutes and they love it so. instantly I feel better for it. and I don't care if I should have been doing the dishes or picking in the washing.. your three sound too sweet, I love goosey's take on the birds and eggs :) x

  5. It's oh so easy to get lost in the mundane, especially with life as hectic as that! It's something special to realize you still need to take the time to connect with each child - don't forget to try and get a slice of that just for you too!

  6. Beautiful!
    Good on you for taking that step back.
    Your tribe are gorgeous and thriving - and you are doing a stellar job.
    :-) x

  7. You're such a beautiful Mama Corinne, it shines through in everything you write about your babies. Well done on taking a little extra time to enjoy. I don't know how you do it all, honestly I don't. I am finding two days of preschool enough for me right now. I know that school brings about a whole host of other considerations and pressures.
    You're doing a top job, try to be kind to yourself in all the craziness too, if you can xoxo

  8. I always though things would get easier once school started, but it's only got more chaotic. I think it's great you're taking time for each of your kids. Julie's right though, make sure you take some time for you.

  9. Oh gosh yes, i get lost in the every day dropping off and picking up, i have 5 kids, so can totally relate!


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