Tuesday 23 November 2010

Why blog?

While having a week off, I got a lot of time and space to think about blogging. Why do I do it? Why do I enjoy it? Where do I want to take it?

All these questions were sparked my attendance at the Sydney Bloggers Festival (which was fab). Being there and meeting other bloggers, hearing other bloggers talk about their experiences inspired me. The whole day made me sit back and think about what I'm doing with my blog. There is an exciting vibe in the blogging world at the moment, that we're on the crest of a really big wave. Something huge is about to break, and all us bloggers are a part of it. That's a really exhilarating thought.

I started this blog on a whim, I didn't really think I'd stick at it more than a couple of weeks, I certainly didn't think other people would read, I most certainly didn't think it would take me on the journey I've been on the past 12 months.

Walking out of the festival buzzing, I was almost sad that I was going away for a week and not blogging, but having the space to reflect on it all was really good. It made me realise that whatever happens, blogging has given me so much. Before blogging I felt I was missing something, I just didn't know what it was.

Blogging has given me an outlet to be myself, discover who I am apart from being a mum and wife. Blogging has been something I do just for me, the only thing I really do just for me. Blogging has made me mentally healthier than I was. It's made me happy. It's helped me organise my thoughts. Blogging has introduced me to like-minded people. Blogging has given me new friendships and re-ignited old ones-0==. Blogging has given me a whole world of support and taken away the isolation I felt as a stay-at-home mum. Blogging is my escape.

So whatever happens, I feel blessed to have discovered something I really enjoy doing. Something that makes me happy and thus makes me a better person for my family to be around. It's wonderful to have, for want of a better word, a hobby that fulfills me as much as blogging does. Who would have thought that writing on the internet for complete strangers would have given me all this? I never would have.

So tell me, if you blog, why do you blog?


  1. What you said.

    I know a cop out, but you know why I blog. It's an amazing thing isn't it? I just can't stop now. It's an escape from the mundane but it also makes it all the more fulfilled if you know what I mean?

    A crest you say? Something huge you say? Interesting...

    In any case, it's GREAT to have you back. It's about time you got back to earth and pushed that trolley up the Marketplace ramp again!

  2. And we are all the better for having you in the Bloggosphere xox

  3. PS I blog because it keeps me out of the shops.

  4. Beth - I can't stop blogging, I just have to do it. Yes, I know exactly what you mean!
    Grrr bloody Marketplace!

    Mrs Woog - awww you're too kind.

  5. Blogging is like having a (virtual) room of one's own, which we all need. xo

  6. 1. Yes Yes Yes SOOOOOO true
    2. I just lurve your background more than words can say
    3. Am new to this blogging business but am obsessed
    4. Think I should have used BLOGGER instead of Wordpress
    5. WHY WHY WHY are all the Blogger Festivals in Sydney - am stuck in remoteville Perth and beside myself with jealousy

  7. I agree with everything you mentioned. It's my space where I can ramble on as much as I like. I've met some awesome people (like yourself!) and have been given opportunities that I would otherwise have not had the chance to do.

    Some exciting things starting to happen for the Aussie blogosphere! *squee*

  8. Yes, the vibe. I feel that vibe and I love it!

    I blog because it makes me happy. Corny yes, but nonetheless true.

  9. I started off just reading other peoples blogs as they were listed in magazines. Then I thought it was an easy way of showing my sister in NZ what I was up to. Now I am getting to know people and had my first giveaway the other day and loved the experience. I like being able to be myself without being judged on my appearance!

  10. I blog because it's my space where I can write whatever and however I want, free from the demands of bosses, colleagues and deadlines. It's so liberating. Plus it's great fun to play in my own little space, design things how I want to, share photos and generally do things my way.

    Meeting and getting to know other amazing bloggers has been an incredible part of the experience - something I really didn't expect when I started this journey.

  11. Blogging is the sole place where i have been able to see myself. It has helped me much


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