Monday 8 November 2010


The weekend just passed was one of those weekends that are just perfect. It involved a lot of catching with family I hadn't seen in a very long time. Chatting, laughing and reminiscing.

It made me realise that my memories are the most precious thing that belong to me. Far more precious than anything I've ever saved for or spent hard earned cash on. I may be a bit nostalgic or a sentimental fool, but I love looking back and remembering the good times, the bad times, laughter, tears.

I love that memories can be so individual – five people who were at an event may have totally different recollections, depending on their reactions, feelings, senses. While I adore looking at old photos and videos, a memory for me is so much more special as it's been created by my emotion and feelings. I can remember what it felt like, what it smelt like it, what I was thinking.

I have been teased about my memories, my brothers think that I make up some of my memories as I can remember quite bit about my early life. I personally think it's a combination of having a good memory, moving from place to place fair bit so that the memories are distinct and not a blur of being in the same home and also the fact that I love reminiscing. Last night I was woken a lot by Goosey and I struggled to go back to sleep, instead of worrying about what the next day was going to bring I kept myself awake by  revisiting all sorts of wonderful times. It keeps the memories and moments fresh in mind.

I don't want to live in the past, but I think my present and future are enhanced by being able to reflect on what has happened, how I've achieved and how I've failed. The good moments that you may not appreciate as you live them, remembering is a way of bringing those times alive again. I always try to ensure that I'm creating wonderful memories for myself, my kids and Skip. I want them all to have a library full of moments they can reflect upon, after all that's what creating a life is all about. Why else are we here?


  1. This is so true - a few years ago my brother made a comment about our lives growing up and his percieved view was so startlingly differnet from mine. We have discussed this much further over the year and he has come to see things a bit differently - in a good way. Great post - Cheers, Wendy


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