Monday 8 November 2010

Do you need a hand?

This morning I went to the supermarket to pick up a couple of things. I did my usual toddler tango with the trolley and two kids – wonky wheel, a two-year-old who wants to climb out and pull everything off the shelf, while the four-year-old is bored and whiny.

It's always a chore fraught with danger. Keeping your patience can be just as tough.

As I pushed the laden trolley up the ramp with the girls inside trying to grab the hand rail as we went up (jolting me each time they succeeded), people around me happily pushed me out of they way or stood blocking my path. I felt completely invisible.

I wrestled the tired and cranky girls into the car and plonked the groceries into the boot. My patience frayed and worn. As I did this, a lady quickly whisked my trolley back to where the return spot.

"Thank you so much!" I called out.

"No problem, I saw you struggling up the ramp with the two girls and I wanted to help out in some way," she replied.

Such a kind gesture totally made my day. The fact that instead of rushing off and continuing her day, she took a couple of minutes to help me out made me smile. Made me feel less frayed and tired.

This showed me that not everyone is completely self-involved. Also it was a lovely reminder that if you see someone who looks a little flustered, take a moment to give them a hand. You may just make their day.

PS - Last Friday, I wrote a piece for Backstory Friday on The Mother Media. I was away over the weekend didn't get a chance to link it up. Please go over and have a read and check out the site. 


  1. I always return the trolley for mums with kids - or for elderly people. The mum I helped last week was so happy she not only thanked me at the time, but drove around, saw me getting in my car and thanked me again. Sometimes even the smallest of things make the biggest difference don't they?

  2. PPMJ - Definitely! A kind gesture teamed with a smile can really make a difference. Might not be much to you but can mean the world to someone else.

  3. Yeah for the kindness of strangers!

    x Felicity

  4. Those ramps are a SHOCKER too. Weekly work out done! I have never had anyone return my trolley but that would be a fabulous help. Will be sure to do it next time I am child free.

  5. Corinne, online supermarket shopping was my saviour in Sydney!!!!! I know for getting fresh produce perhaps dicey but for other things, SAVIOUR! Gld somebody was kind to you, supermarkets can send me over the edge these days.

  6. Awww... such a sweet thing to do... i agree small incidents such as these make your day... God bless her!


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