Wednesday 10 November 2010


Sorry for the late post, the plate has been fuller than dish that's done a round at Sizzler.

I have that horrible antsy feeling today. I can't quite feel in control of everything. I'm sure I've missed something really important. Maybe it's just nerves about getting ready to go away on holiday (Oh, have I told you I'm heading to the beach for a week on Friday?) and spending a looooooooong drive up the coast with two munchkins in the back. Maybe it's all the bank paperwork I'm trying to organise at the moment and can't really get my head around. Maybe I'm getting panicky about the Sydney Bloggers Festival tomorrow and having to push the shyness away and actually talk to strangers.

Whatever it is, it's a horrible feeling and I wish it'd go away.

Maybe I need my weekly dose of Mad Men. Perhaps I need a drink. Perhaps both...


  1. Have fun with your week on the Coast with the kids

    (((( Hugs ))))

  2. Wowzers - that's a full plate {hope it comes with some cheezy toast!}. You'll be fine - the bloggers conference will be fun, your holiday will be fab {and remember, anything you forget you can always buy or do without!} and the bank stuff will be sorted.

    Oh, and you've got a catch-up with an old friend organised - that'll be totally excellent xx


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