Friday 19 November 2010

Utterly delightful

Today, I have the great pleasure of presenting to you a post from Pink Patent Mary Janes, I've saved some good stuff for the last Pure Delight post. Many moons ago, I worked with PPMJ and then had the delight (there's that word again) of reconnecting with her again through her fabulous blog. PPMJ is a freelance journalist, wife and mum to a gorgeous girl. She loves shoes (obviously), all things girly and French. PPMJ is partial to a glass of bubbles and good food. If you haven't checked out her blog, I suggest you do so right now – after reading this gorgeous post first...

PPMJ's delightful daughter at the base of the Eiffel Tower.

Of all the things from childhood I think it's important to cling to, 
the childish sense of delight is way up there. My 11-month-old nephew 
has just learned to clap, and every new discovery is met with a gummy 
smile and a round of applause – why don't we all do that? {Well, 
maybe we could add some teeth into the smile equation...}. I love it 
how kids wander around a neighbourhood. They bend down, check out 
sticks, grab a few 'pretty' stones and pop them in their pocket. They 
take the time to gasp in wonder at the roses, and if they're lucky, 
we'll pick them up so they can lean in towards the petals for a deep 

I think that sense of childish delight is something to hold onto. 
Whenever life gets hectic I try to slow down and re-ignite my inner 
child. I go outside, sit on my front step, eat a ripe piece of 
succulent fruit and just gaze up at the sky. If I'm really lucky 
there might be some clouds – some of which may even resemble animals 
if I gaze intently enough. But if not there'll be sky, preferably 
blue, but if it's grey I'll squint and recall the Parisian Grey skies 
that infuse the city with such elegance.

Every day it's important to experience delight. Delight's not always 
about the grand gestures, sometimes it's so teeny tiny we could 
easily pass it by. It's always there, we've just got to look for it 
with the right eyes...


  1. What a lovely post. And I agree, I think delight is an approach to life more than the result of an experience. Children can teach us so much about slowing down and savoring the ordinary.

  2. I love this! I try to enjoy the simple things everyday.

  3. here here!! Loved it PPMJ! You are on my wavelength and the simplicity of the thought is in your writing too... xx

  4. A great thing to remember!

  5. I love me some PPMJ. I never miss a post (well, that's a lie, but I would like to never miss a post and I'm all about self-fulfilling prophecies right now!!)

    Great wrap up, Corinne. She'll be thrilled to bits. x


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