Monday 15 November 2010

She lives in a house, a very big house in the country

This week I'm away on holidays, having what I hope will be an utterly delightful time with Skip and the girls. In my absence, I've asked five of my favourite bloggers to write a post for me based on 'Pure Delight'. I hope you enjoy this week of delight and they leave you with a great big smile on your dial, I've had a ball receiving and reading all the posts. 

First up, is BabyMac (aka Beth) a laugh-out-loud funny lady, wife and mum to two gorgeous little girls. The world of BabyMac has been an exciting one of late as she has made a very big move, but I'll let her fill you in on that. Beth is one of those special bloggers who has moved from just words on a screen to my real life friend (we've even been on a dinner date), she won me over with her love of champagne and all things pork. So without further ado, here's BabyMac.

I was very excited to be asked by Corinne to guest post for her. I have never guest starred at anything in my life, and it's always been a life long dream I have to say. I swear I am meant to be famous, somehow, somewhere, sometime, and if this is it, then that's OK by me. In factif this blog post had credits it would say Guest Starring BabyMacBeth {ala Heather Locklear in Melrose Place} and that, that alone make me filled with delight. Pure delight.

My days of late have indeed been filled with delight. We have just moved to the country to heaven on earth from the inner{est} west of Sydney. From a 3 bedroom terrace house with 2 common walls and no {and I mean NO} parking just 30 seconds away from Parramatta Rd to the world's loveliest house in the world's most beautiful village. Honestly. I'm not even bias as I have only been here for 5 mins. Each and every single day over the past month has been filled with delight. Fear and delight sure, but mostly delight. The fill your soul with happiness and potentially burst with joy delight that I have never really known before. I know I had it when I first fell head over heels in love with my husband, and I think I had it just before we got married and maybe when I first had my daughters {except I think I was far too hormonal and overtired to be filled with anything than terror then} but I tell you each and every day I have it. It's contentment {is that even a word?!} pure and simple. I feel full. I am filled with love from my kids and husband and family and friends. I am surrounded by beautiful things. I am meeting new people, making new friends, working out how gardens and septic tanks, and country roads work. Challenging myself. Pushing myself. But I tell you what? It's pure delight.

The only way I can show you is my this photo I took tonight. This, right here sums it all up. Some wild flowers picked yesterday by Daisy placed in my late grandmothers vase on my dresser I recently found {and eagerly bought} in an antique shop for all of $270. Life is good.

And I am one lucky lady. 

Wherever you get your delight from - a good meal, or bottle of wine, a conversation with a loved one, a cuddle with your kid, a piece of furniture, or some ratty flowers in an old lady's vase - it's nice to stop and soak it up. Slow down. Recognise it for what it is and be gratefulfor it. I know I am.


  1. Beautiful post Beth... i feel grateful for so many things without count. have a great time.

  2. Utterly delightful. Any post that leaves me singing a Blur song will always make my heart sing as well...


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