Tuesday 16 November 2010

The end of the rainbow

Today's 'Pure Delight' post is from Sharni Montgomery who blogs over at Sharnanigans! Sharni is a vibrant young mum who gave up the city life when she fell in love with her Cowboy. Now living happily in her One Horse Town with the Cowboy and young son Monte, Sharni shares how she strives to make her patch of the world a fulfilling place to be. I hope you enjoy Sharni's post as much as I did.

I love summer in Australia, balmy evenings where you can just hang outdoors. A couple of nights ago, I was doing just this with my partner Dave and our son Monte.
We sat up on the verandah sipping glasses of wine while Monte pushed trucks around the grass. Laugh and think This is Australia – the scene had Gangajanga’s catchy tune written all over it.

Without warning a light sun shower broke out, much to Monte’s surprise. He was delighted that it was raining on him, but the best bit was yet to come. The sun was still shining through the rain and as a result the most magnificent rainbow appeared. This was Monte’s moment of pure delight which trickled directly through to Dave and I.

As I pointed out the rainbow his eyes lit up.
“Wow!” he gushed. “Reach it, reach it!” he said
“It is very high up in the sky,” I explained “You would need a reaaaally big ladder to reach it” I said indulging his imagination.

I returned to my seat and my wine when Monte did something that rocked my socks. His mind tinkering over he walked over to the side of the house where there was one of those indoor clotheslines leaning against the wall. You know the type, wiry white ones you set up inside when you need your underwear to dry speedily. He picked it up and dragged it over to the grass. 

“Ladder!” He declared whilst trying to set it up. “Reach it now!”

Well, this made my heart do a flip in the air and fill with pride. At this moment I felt so many feelings. I was reminded of the innocence of childhood, the magic of imagination and belief that anything is possible. I was also thrilled at Monte’s resourcefulness in seeing a ladder in the clothesline. I looked back at Dave grinning ear to ear.

“What a clever idea,” I assured Monte “But it is still not high enough, perhaps you’d need to go up in a plane.”

Next thing I knew he had run into the house and returned with a toy plane which he pointed towards the rainbow “Reach it! Reach it”

Ten out of 10 for this magic moment. Sleepless nights and discipline challenges have me pulling my hair out from time to time, it is delightful moments like this that I want permanently etched in my memory.
This rainbow moment with my family was my pot of gold.


  1. Ahh..yes! It's these moments you will indeed cherish. The sleepless nights and discipline issues blur and fade, but the precious and proud moments stay bright. God's gift to grandmas, I think!

  2. A hundred sleepless nights are forgotten in an instant when you share a special moment with the kids.


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