Thursday 18 November 2010

Afternoon delight

The lovely guest blogger who was due to post today was unable to, so guess what? You get me! Guest posting on my own blog. From sunny northern NSW. Here is a pic of the girls watching the sunset on our first afternoon away.
This week has been delightful so far (it's not over yet, I have to keep telling myself). We've frollicked at the beach every morning. As a family, we are always at our happiest at the beach -- the girls simply adore digging in the sand and splashing in the turquoise water. There's always lots of giggles from all of us.
Then once we're tired, sun-kissed and salty we head back to our beach shack to eat sandwiches made with locally grown produce - red, bursting tomatoes, silky avocados.
An afternoon playing near the river followed by a lemonade in the beer garden.
One night we had dinner in a local restaurant -- the best wood-fired pizzas, topped with goat cheese, roasted tomoatoes and local olives; fresh crunchy salads and tumblers of pinot. Another, we simply sat on our balcony and ate prawns bought at the fish co-op and watched the waves.
Skip works such long, hard hours that this time together as a family is so, so precious. To laugh, spend time together, chat, argue ocassionally, put our feet up, nap, read, BBQ, joke, play, splash, wander, just be. It's totally delightful!
See you next week! Tomorrow I have another friend and blogger posting something utterly delightful.


  1. It sounds like you are having a wonderful time!!

  2. Excuse me, you didn't tell me you were holidaying in paradise... Looks and sounds absolutely blissful - enjoy x

  3. Sounds like HEAVEN. Enjoy! And soak up these last few days x


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