Wednesday 17 November 2010

These shoes are made for walkin'...

I have a lovely guest poster for you today. Her name is Michele and she blogs over at Tiny Trappings. She's a brilliant artist and a great writer, she also just happens to be one of my oldest friends, Goosey's Godmother and it's because of her family that Skip and I met. Michele is quite often the ying to my yang. 
I really hope you enjoy her post and all the gorgeous pictures (make sure you scroll all the way to the end to see them).

When the lovely Corinne asked me to do a guest post on her blog, I was flattered.
Yes, we have known each other since we shared a classroom together at age 5 
and have been close friends ever since…
But I am not a wife, a mother, a mortgage holder…. 
I am an artist, a single woman, and a person who doesn’t even own an iphone! 
What could I possibly contribute to Corinne’s blog conversation?
Then, it hit me.
I am just going to just be me, be honest, and be open.
So I decided.
I’m going to start with a confession.
My name is Michele Morcos and I don’t drive!
I never have.
There are many many reasons why, but one of these reasons links in with Corinne’s topic for me, 
which was ‘pure delight’.
What does ‘pure delight’ mean to me?
For me, I take full delight in walking, or, as I like to call it on my blog….strolling!
I LOVE to stroll. 
Without distractions, without anything but my thoughts - and possibly my iPod and dog- I love to walk around my hood! Dreamy concept I know, especially if you are a mum with about a million things on your plate. Nevertheless, I think that is why I love it so much. I know it is a complete luxury to have a precious few moments in my day with which to stroll the streets of this beautiful city of Sydney. I treasure these moments that I get to myself, to dream, to observe, to explore, to stretch, and to meditate. 
True escapism – just outside my door and it’s free!
{And in this city NOTHING is for free- just ask any mum out there!!}

My favourite time of the day to watch the world go by would have to be the evening, when time slows down, and the light and colours of the day start to change clothes. When the birds have a lot to say and when the smells of the evening meal start to emanate from peoples front doors. It’s a time when you can bump into someone you have never meet before and have a good chin wag, like in the old days when facebook was just a twinkle in Mark Zuckerberg’s eye! 
It makes me feel as though I’m connected to something….
Something bigger than myself and the thoughts that run my day…
Pure delight…. 
and it’s only a step away!

Some of the photos that I have posted are from some of my strolls in the last year or so, when I’ve had my camera in my bag and found a treasured moment that I could capture on film! 
I hope you enjoy them… and that you’ve enjoyed my tiny take on the world….

Thanks Corinne for asking me to write on this lovely blog…
I loved the opportunity…x


  1. A lovely place to stroll. Thanks for sharing. Charmaine

  2. yay! thank you looks great! hope youre enjoying the break and that there has been a break in the rainy weather, up where you are!xx

  3. Firstly - gorgeous photos! Beautiful work.

    Secondly - my Mum never drove either. We walked everywhere. I remember my niece and nephew (my page) were both horrified by the idea of having to walk to the local shops! They were used to being driven to school, shops etc.

    Yes - it was hard at times that we couldn't just drive somewhere, but it never bothered me and I don't think it bothered my Mum that much either. In any case - cars cost a lot, as does insurance etc - it you need to get anywhere a cab will do just nicely.

  4. I love to walk too. Is a wonderful way to experience the world. I do drive, but my family does a lot of walking too. It's one of our favourite things to do together. Off to check out Michele's blog.

  5. Beautiful post - reminds me that I need to get out and walk!

  6. Thanks Michele! What a lovely inspiring post. Makes me want to go for a stroll! Beautiful photos.


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